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Alternative Treatment For Toenail Fungus

The medicine have alternative treatment for toenail fungus.This medical condition is name onychomycosis is a common medical condition in patients with good health or other diseases like diabetes. Controversy notwithstanding, patients with diabetes have several medical conditions (obesity, peripheral neuropathy, and retinopathy) that can inhibit the identification or mask the progression of fungal nail infections. In addition, vascular insufficiency, impaired wound healing, and compromised immunologic status associated with diabetic foot increase the risk of secondary infections in diabetic patients with onychomycosis. Toenail may cause it to be thick until the damaged area grows out. This is why thickening of the big toenails is common in young men, particularly football players. Old people also often have thickened, hard toenails, probably because of the damage they have sustained over the years, and because their nails grow more slowly, it takes longer to repair the damage. Fungal infection can make your nails thick. The commonest infection is with Trichophyton rubrum, the same fungus that causes athlete�s foot.

Occasionally, other types of fungus, such as yeasts, are responsible, and people who have been abroad may have some quite exotic fungi.It is easy to pick up fungi � they are particularly common on the floors of communal showers and changing rooms � and many of us probably already have fungi on our skin. They cause problems only when conditions are ripe for them to thrive, which means warmth and moisture. When human beings started wearing enclosed shoes, which trap sweat and heat, we created ideal conditions for fungi. The fungus very gradually spreads towards the base of the nail and down the sides, loosening the nail from the underlying toe and filling the separated area with crumbly, yellowish-white gunk. The nail itself becomes thicker and yellowish brown in colour. This can take months or years. Sometimes the infection starts at the base of the nail, giving a whitish area near the half moon, or it may just affect the surface of the middle of the nail, where it will appear as a white patch. Oral antifungal agents are generally well bad tolerated, and cause serious adverse events independent of or associated with a number of significant drug interactions have been reported. Depending on the medication and your particular risk factors, some antifungals may: Affect liver or kidney function. Cause liver damage or failure, particularly when combined with alcohol or certain medications.

Can weaken the heart's ability to contract, leading to heart failure also can cause dangerous side effects when combined with many different common medications.During oral antifungal treatment, your health professional may require blood tests to check your kidney and liver function.

Possible mild side effects caused by antifungal medications include stomach upset, headaches, and skin rash.

Also this funfus have resistance to many medication and the patient need the combination of several drugs to kill this fungus who make more dagerous or toxic side effect.

I give you natural remedie to stop suffering, stop pain and cure all diseases cause by this fungus like vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, skin raches, tinea versicolor, urine painfull, etc. This remedies is natural, safe and 100% effective. Don't lose this safe and heathy information for you and your family.

Submitted by:

Jose Santiago

Dr. Jose Santiag - Alternative Treatment For Toenail Fungus


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