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Annanpolis Vein Care Tips: Treating Spider Veins

So what are those windy purple marks on the legs, arms, chest, and even face? Many are often curious as to what causes the blood vessels of the body to weaken and lose their ability to function well over time. Is it the environment? Is it diet related? Is it related to fitness? Most">All of these questions are important and they are all a part of the issue.

Spider veins are caused for multiple reasons and many find that they are dumbfounded as to how they have become a victim of poor vein function. Firstly, analysis of one�s diet and fitness routine would mean that nine times out of ten, patients suffering from vein dysfunction are not eating a healthy diet and are not physically active on a regular basis. These two components are extremely important. Furthermore, age does play a role and over time, the body will naturally lose its ability to maintain elasticity in various areas. Many patients will find that their body is simply aging and veins will naturally become more visible with time in everyone because the skin is not as supple and vein walls are not as strong. With this in mind, there is a certain amount of vascular dysfunction that cannot be prevented with time. There are a number of reasons for this and all of them pertain to the biological makeup of the human body. Furthermore, hormone levels change with time and many patients, in particular women, undergo hormonal changes later in life which can cause veins to become more prominent. Even pregnancy can put extra pressure on the body and veins, and thus results in spider veins. This is a normal part of pregnancy and the veins may reside over time after the body adjusts when the baby is born. Being overweight and inactive is a deadly combination for the heart and veins. Extra pressure can prove to be too much for the body and veins are the first to feel that added stress.

So if you are looking to prevent spider veins, get fit, get active, eat right, and do the best that you can to maintain a healthy weight and to eat well everyday, not just when �dieting�. Diets are not the key to health and actually, eating right all the time should be a lifestyle choice, and if not, the body will repay you will poor cardiovascular health. It is that simple. Also, when sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time, the body can pool blood in certain areas and this can lead to extra stress on the veins. This extra stress can eventually weaken veins, so if your career involves standing or sitting, make a point to stretch, move around, walk and get active when you are not at work to help ward off any vein incompetency brought on by the pooling of blood. This may seem remedial but it is worth it to keep the body flowing. The key is to keep blood moving back to the heart from where it is in the body, to support proper heart function. If blood begins to pool or move backward, this is a sign that something is not right. People that are aware of their venous health are less likely to have problems because they know how important circulation is. And they also know how unsightly and painful vein dysfunction can be.

Submitted by:

Beth Munoz

More information on spider veins, varicose veins and an Annapolis vein doctor in your area is just a click away.


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