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Laser hair removal is considered an efficient, long-lasting method, for removing unwanted hair. During the laser hair removal procedure, the patient will be exposed to intense emissions of light on the skin as the laser is absorbed by the hair follicles. Each pulse of the laser lasts a fraction of a second and is able to treat an area of approximately ? inch. Many lasers are equipped with cooling systems in order to decrease skin temperature. This acts as an additional mild anesthetic that helps to prevent burns from the heat generated by the laser.

Laser therapy is usually prescribed to people who:

- Are physically healthy.
- Are psychologically stable.
- Are light skinned with dark hair.
- Do not have a recent tan.
- Have coarse hair.
- Want to change their appearance.
- Are willing to commit a substantial amount of time to the process.
- Are well informed about the procedure.
- Hold realistic expectations about the outcome.

The main factor not mentioned above, is the cost implication. Yes, affordability is a very important qualification for the person who wants to undergo the treatment. Everyone wants to look clean and hairless, but "can you afford it" is the underlying question?

The cost of the treatment depends on various factors. Various clinics have different criteria for establishing rates. There are namely three criterions:

Flat fee: Laser hair removal prices can be on a flat fee basis. The flat fee can either be on a per treatment basis or can be include an overall package of treatments. For instance: $500 for treatment for back hair, irrespective of the amount of hair to be removed. The flat fee could also be based depending on your particular back hair growth patterns. A per treatment flat fee could be based on your body hair growth patterns.

Time factor: Some laser clinics charge per 15 minute segment for laser hair removal. For example, if a clinic charges $100 per 15 minute segment of laser hair removal and if a particular hair removal segment, takes an hour, it would cost $400 per treatment. In this case also, though, the cost of hair removal will depend on the amount of hair to be removed and also the speed of the laser specialist and the hair removal machine.

Fee per pulse: The pricing for laser hair removal can also be calculated based on the number of pulses that it takes to complete an area of body hair. Each time the laser fires, it is referred to as a ?pulse." Each pulse can eliminate around a hundred hairs, while the area it covers can vary. Abiding by this theory, some clinics charge a dollar per pulse with a minimum fee per area. For example, removal of hair in the bikini area might cost $300 ? and this is based on a minimum charge of $150, which includes the first 150 pulses and a dollar per pulse thereafter. So, in this manner, the customer gets charged for the actual pulses, unless you have utilized fewer pulses than the minimum. With this pricing structure, the price, every successive treatment will decrease as you will have less hair to be removed. Make note that the prices per pulse structure will differ, depending on the type of laser and the respective areas they cover, per pulse.

Laser hair removal clinics favor respective pricing structure, to suit their needs. Irrespective of the criteria, the prices of most clinics fall in a similar range.

Below, is a chart of what you can be looking to pay for each type of procedure per session:


Lip $50
Lip and Chin $ 100
Full Arms $ 175
Underarms $ 75
Back $ 300- $ 500
Bikini Line $ 120
Chin $ 50
Eyebrows $ 75
Sideburns $ 75
Upper or lower legs $ 250
Full Legs $ 400
Full Beard $ 150
Partial Beard ` $ 100
Front of neck $ 50
Back of neck $ 50
Breasts $ 99
Hands $ 99
Abdomen $ 200
Chest $ 300
Shoulders $ 200
Feet $ 99
Belly Button Line $ 99
Bikini (Full) $ 200

Note: The prices mentioned above can vary, depending on the location of the clinic, type of laser, and the clinic itself.

The above prices multiplied by the number of sessions, will be the actual cost of the whole treatment.

The ?uniqueness of you?, is one of the main factors that will dictate the cost. How many treatments does your body hair demand? How dense is the hair and how does your skin respond to the treatment? These are the other parameters that influence the price of the overall treatment.

While laser hair removal therapy is considered as expensive, the plus side of the procedure is the permanency. A one-time expense surely saves you a lot of money, pain, and effort in the future. Apparently, some clinics though, offer an "as needed" treatment plan which is initially less costly and offers flexibility.

In a line, laser treatment, is a one-time solution to bodily hair problems. Some practitioners even claim that laser hair removal treatments, bring out radiance on the face. Get rid of hair and get radiant ? now that's a good package deal ?definitely worth it!

Submitted by:

Greg Mauro

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