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Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan - Articles Surfing

Lindsay Lohan's career is at an all time high. She keeps the movie's interesting and she is very voluptuous. She has become a teen idol, that has been able to reach success with her songs and acting career. Paris Hilton is trying to acheive similar status, but I doubt she will reach the top like Lindsay Lohan.

Just My Luck is the type of movie that will appeal to young people as well as troubled adults. If you have ever felt, like you have the worst luck in the world, then you will be encouraged by this movie. Jake Hardin(Chris Pine) plays a ticking time bomb of never ending failure, until he meets Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) with a magical kiss.

Whatever Jake Hardin(Chris Pine) trys to do, he ends up almost killing himself and being a total embarrassment to the band he is trying to promote. Lindsay Lohan plays the luckiest girl in the world. Her friends sit back and watch as her life unfolds into a fairy tale. She wins money playing scratch off tickets and wins the admiration of her boss.

Lindsay Lohan single-handedly wins the trust of a big music producer, while her boss and the other associates remains trapped in an elevator. Once the boss shows up for the meeting, the music producer has already agreed to have them host his music party. Lindsay Lohan's boss is so impressed, that she gets to make the party plan preparations and gets her own office.

Guys will like certain parts of the movie, being that it is a chick flick. Mainly the parts with Lindsay Lohan and lets face it, she is the only reason a guy would watch this movie. Is this movie a winner? Unfortunately, it is not a winner. She was much better in, "Freaky Friday", where she was playing in a cool band.

This movie is predictable and you know early on that something is going to go wrong for her. Lindsay might want to look at playing a role as a prostitute, because she has been playing the nice sweet girl in all of her recent movies. What she does in her personal life, might make a better movie. She seems to be very far away from the Mickey Mouse Club!

If you paid to see this movie in the theater, I feel sorry for you, because you were robbed. Not just robbed of your dignity, but robbed financially! Even her other movies were some what bearable, but this movie was like rolling naked down a hill of broken glass! One movie-goer on line said, "no surprises, it's as bad as you expected." When I read that comment in the imdb.com movie review section, I started laughing. This movie is painfully boring!

At one point in the movie, Jake Hardin(Chris Pine) is attacked by the feces of some pigeons. This whole movie was attacked by pigeons and covered in dung! The movie, just could not get the wings to fly on its own. The wings were broken from the start! When I was done watching this movie, I said, "Just My Luck"! It would have been refreshing if the movie, had some imagination vs utter boredom! Cutting raw onions would have been more pleasing than watching this movie. Not to mention, I would have had a good reason for crying!

Can Walt Disney save Lindsay Lohan's career choices? Will she choose another role, that only a pigeon will fly over? Will Lindsay play the bad girl, that she really wants to be? This comedy will leave you looking for a qualified therapist. Someday we will be watching some old movies on Lifetime network, where Lindsay is running a homeless shelter in New York City. I am hoping she will be serving cream filled twinkies!

Submitted by:

DeWayne H. Strickland

DeWayne H. Strickland has been a Film Freak since the time he could walk. He is a crazy movie review critic and researcher. Learn How to Seduce Women, with Almost "Hypnotic Control" and "Accuracy" at: http://www.moviedownloadmatrix.com.



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