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The Mind of a Serial Killer - Articles Surfing

Have you ever wondered what motivates a serial killer? How safe is the area you live in? How well do you know your neighbor? Who are you shaking hands with everyday? TV has more than just one show about serial killers and we love to watch these shows! Silence of The Lambs does have some important revelations, that should not be discarded! The hunter seeking its prey, is very good at blending in and controlling just how much is revealed.

Criminal Minds, Csi, Csi Miami, Csi New York, Law and Order, and I have not named them all! Are we learning more about the mind of a serial killer? What intrigues you about the mind of a serial killer? Are we more aware of our surroundings? What really protects you from the mind of a serial killer? I ask these questions, because they deserve an answer and your reading this because your drawn into it!

These shows focus not on just some rapist, but most of the time on an intelligent killer, who slips through the cracks of society unseen. How does this person stay unseen? It is called, "Perfect Camouflage". One that can adapt to any situation and leave with a powerful presence of being liked. The dateline mystery tv show is frustrating to watch because cops botch up the crime seen! Who does the crime scenes as good as a csi TV show? Look at the families in court that watch a killer go free, because the evidence is lacking!

Think about a cold calculated killer and you can watch the show "Numbers!" Is it all about numbers or timing? Is it the sheer joy of making the kill, that no one can figure out, except Sherlock Holmes! Who is next? Everyday we walk out the door we don't know what will happen, but we know that a positive attitude gets us through. Am I right? When a person is home alone, the desires begin to fester and the thoughts of, "what if" manifest themselves.

Is it crazy for someone to write serial killers and get to know them? Is it insane for women to write them in prison and later on get married? Has parts of humanity come to the point of saying, "is this all there is?" One man who killed 48 people in Seattle Washington, stated that he wanted to do it! That was his motivation, while millions asked, "why?". Let's look back in time and look at Alexander The Great, Napoleon, Vladimir The Impaler.

How can a civilized community be threated by someone that has lost a few screws?

Out of all the millions what makes anyone so special? Is it being loved? Wanting to be loved? Being remembered and enshrined! Some of the serial killers, actually started killing animals and then evolved into killing people. It seems that some were going through a nurturing process and turned into what many call a mass of hideous monsters.

Ed Gein wanted mother's attention and had needs that were never quite fullfilled. Buffalo Bill also got in touch with his feminine side, which lead to the torture and death of many young women in, "Silence of The Lambs". Is the serial killer trying to figure himself out by pushing some limits? Is the serial killer finding out what pleases him/her the most? Does the killer like seeing his/her name in the news papers? Is the serial killer a collector of some trophies of his/her great conquest?

How much does being in control play in this insane senario? Control does seem to be an important factor and leaving an unhappy existence may be enticing for the killer. The show, "Super Natural" is on the trail of fighting evil, but they have to do some killing on the way. Staying in control of ones emotions and focused on the task at hand, does bring some pleasure. Or it seems to be on the show, "Super Natural". We all have wants and needs, but what happens when we start to lose control?

Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Wayne Gacy and Ed Gein had something in common. They became well known and enshrined by a society that wants to know more, and TV will seek to meet that need. Every night of the week, we sit mesmerized in front of the TV and wait for that next clue. As Robert Stack used to say on Unsolved Mysteries, "Will you be the next missing piece, in solving this puzzle?"

If you have read books such as "Silent Prey", you may have heard that blood smells like copper. Horror writers need that descriptive detail to pull you into the moment! Is Stephen King ready for his own nightmare? The thrill of trying to understand that point of which we are not to enter. That dark place we are not to go, because if we do, there is no going back! American TV shows delve into this dark unseen world, and the ratings rise through the roof! Where will this lead?

Submitted by:

DeWayne Strickland

DeWayne H. Strickland has been a Film Freak since the time he could walk. He is a crazy movie review critic in long term therapy. Learn How to Seduce Women, with Almost "Hypnotic Control" and "Accuracy" at: http://www.moviedownloadmatrix.com



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