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Worst Songs to Have Stuck in Your Head

There are good songs. There are bad songs. Then, there are ear worms, songs that get stuck in your head and stay there: no amount of amnesia will remove them. These kinds of songs aren't necessarily bad, but they aren't something you want sharing your brain space for 24 hours a day. Yet, there they remain, fermented in the crevices of your mind like the frosting of a sticky bun.

With some sticking more than others, the following is our list of top five worst songs to have stuck in your head, ear worms that no amount of digging with a Q-tip will remove.

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles): By far the best well known song from The Proclaimers, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" is a song with a lot of miles under its belt, miles spent in your memory. Released in 1988, this song is one you don't need to know the words to, all you need to know is that you would, in fact, walk 500 miles. You should also know that the second set of "Da-da-da's" sounds just like Michael J. Fox. Listen, I swear it's him.

Cupid's Chokehold: More commonly known as "Take a Look at My Girlfriend," "Cupid's Chokehold" was originally release by Gym Glass Heroes in 2004 and re-released in 2006. True to its title, this song has the ability to pierce our brains with the sharpness of Cupid's arrow. Still, we can't really put too much blame on the song itself, the invasive "Ba da da da" line is originally from the Supertramp song, "Breakfast in America." Supertramp is where our fingers should really be pointed.

Copacabana: This 1978 hit introduced us to Lola (she was a showgirl), Rico (he wore a diamond), and Tony (he always tended bar). A staple of disco parties everywhere, Barry Manilow knew how to put a Copacabana in our Cabeza. This song, close to thirty years old, isn't on too frequently, but when it is, look out: its music and passion is always the fashion. Though not a bad song in itself, having "Copacabana" stuck in your head is enough to make you want to patronize someplace else.

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You: Gloria Estefan, the Miami Sound Machine, and their songs just won't go away. Released in 1987, "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You" was a huge hit for all involved. Reaching number 5 on the pop charts, this song - with huge dance beats and unique tempos -is, unfortunately, unforgettable. Having it inside your head for hours is enough to make anyone wish the rhythm would in fact get them, and just get it over with.

Chili's Baby Back Ribs Song: Okay, so this isn't really a song - and the "I want my baby back baby back baby back" doesn't exactly qualify as musical genius - but this Chili's theme song is the epitome of an ear worm, a grilled to order ear worm. Hearing this jingle is enough to ruin your day: there's a song about ribs in your head��.. and now you're hungry.

Submitted by:

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is a senior editor for http://www.turbocellcharge.com. Possessing an infatuation with pop culture � and a gift for stalking � she keeps up on the latest news of the musical world.


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