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Adequan Equine for your horse�s joint ailments

Adequan Equine is a revolutionary drug which is specially used to treat joint ailments in horses. Horses� joints are injured as a result of trauma or too much exercise. The joint problems begin when the synovial membrane gets inflamed which in turn causes a biochemical activity that destroys the lubricating fluids and the tissues around the joint area and ends up in cartilage damage.

Adequan works to fight and stop any injurious activity that may commence as a result of the inflammation. It also immobilizes the enzymes and the free radicals responsible for destroying the joint�s fluids and tissues. As a complimentary function, Adequan Equine stimulates the synthesis of cartilage building compounds and stops the production of chemicals that cause pain. As such the joint function of the horse acquires improved efficiency. Adequan therefore stands out as the only product in the market that serves the functions of relieving pain while stimulating cartilage repair action.

Adequan Equine also features a property known as disease modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD) which is unheard of in any other osteoarthritis drugs. While drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and corticosteroids focus on decreasing swelling and inflammation, Adequan Equine alters the destructive cycle of joint diseases by repairing the cartilage and stimulating the lubrication of the joints. Hyaluronic acids on the other hand, are only used to improve the composition of the fluid in the joints.

Treatment using Adequan varies from horse to horse since the injuries vary in terms of severity, the rate of healing, level of activity and so forth. A veterinarian should therefore determine the amount and duration of administration of this drug.

Many people tend to rate GAGS and Adequan as the same drug. However, this is not the case. GAGS are nutritional supplements which are taken orally and are not mandatorily subject to approval by the FDA. The customer is therefore not assured that GAGS are effective cures for joint problems. However, Adequan Equine is subject to FDA regulations and requirements making it clinically proven for effectiveness.

Adequan Equine has also been compared to Legend. However, according to a study involving Adequan and Legend, horses with knee lesion problems treated with Adequan Equine demonstrated better and faster recovery. The clinical parameters used for this study were stride length, lameness and maximum flexion of the carpal.

Adequan is administered to the horse by injecting the vial directly to the sick joint or muscle. The injections are administered seven times in four days increments. This medication is available in a pack containing seven 5 mL vials. The price is $282.99 at PetMedsnMore.com

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