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Natural Detoxification Remedies You Must Know - Articles Surfing

We all know that accumulation of toxins severely affects our body functions, drain our energy and make us more susceptible to all kinds of illness and allergy. In this case, we need body detoxification, which has become trendy nowadays as healthy body seekers are now purging and purifying their systems with different types of detoxifying methods. But don't let skepticism about the latest colonic fad or extreme detoxification diets stop you from seeing the real need to help rid your body and mind of some harmful substances it may be harboring.

Our body does a remarkable job of protecting us from toxins. Our lungs expel carbon dioxide and irritants, the skin blocks and sweat out environmental toxins, the liver, kidney and bowel eliminates harmful foreign substances and waste products. But because of pollution and bad habits, our bodies cannot always keep up with the elimination of all toxins. Here you will find some helpful steps that are sure to make a difference on how you look and feel.

Working up Sweat: Sweat which is a mixture of water, sodium chloride, lactic acid, potassium salts and urea, cools the body through evaporation. Whether or not sweat actually flush out environmental toxins is up for debates, but getting hot enough to make your body sweat is certainly healthy. sweating improves blood circulation, helps rid waste products and loosen muscles tightness as it definitely make you feel better, cleaner, relaxed and renewed. You may not have a sauna or steam bath at your disposal, but that does not mean there are no other ways of achieving perspiration. Try vigorous exercises, be it running or kick boxing, can help you work up a good sweat in no time. Why not walk to your office from now on (within 2 -3 miles radius) 2 -3 times a week instead of driving. Cycling is still preferable to driving anyway.

Yoga: As everyone knows, yoga can help clear your mind and mental clutters. Do you know that yoga is very essential for stress management, emotional stability and aggression control? While yoga poses cultivate flexibility and strength, they can also provide compression that massages the internal organs, helping to rid the body of toxins. So check out and register with a yoga class in your area and start experiencing higher score in life satisfaction than a control group (who simply read books), become more extroverted and see a cheerier and merrier you.

Purifying Massage: Massage is a powerful weapon in detoxification. Firm and targeted massaging improves circulation and helps rid of chemical deposits trapped in our muscles. Stress or alcohol use, as well as poor dietary habits can leave irritating chemical deposits locked in the muscles fiber causing discomfort. So flushing these chemicals will alleviate pain and create healthier muscles that respond better with more stamina.

Simple Massage Steps to Help You Detoxify: The deep gliding stroke in this massage has a sweeping effect on the fluid of the body and also help propel blood briskly back towards the heart and lungs, where it gets oxygen before making another trip through the body. Please ask a friend to follow these few massage steps.

Step 1: Pour small room temperature massage oil in your hand. Starting 3cm or so below the ear on the thick muscle at the side of the neck, glide lightly with the pad of your fingers down the side of the neck angling towards the breast bone.

Step 2: With flat fingers on top of the breast bone, sweep out across the chest muscles to the front of the shoulder. Sweep your hand back around and under the shoulder muscles and press firmly towards the base of the neck. Glide up the muscles along each side of the spine in the neck to the base of the skull, repeat step 1 and 2 four times

Step 3: Stabilize one of the forearms with one hand; wrap the fingers and thumb of your other hand around the forearm. Press in and glide up to the shoulder and glide lightly down the arm. Move the leg and position your hands so that they overlap and wrap around one of the ankles. Then press in with your fingers and thumb and lightly glide up to the knee. Lighten the pressure more as you move over the knee itself, and then glide from knee to hip and back down to the ankle. Repeat five times, hen massage the other leg and you are good to go.

Here is a detoxifying massage oil recipe in case you want to use a home-brewed blend with essential oil.
- 50 ml carrier oil of choice
- 8 drops juniper essential oil
- 8 drops cypress essential oil
- 5 drops lavender essential oil
- 4 drops orange essential oil

Please, it is always best to consult your doctor before trying any method.

Miracle is an expert researcher on health and fitness matters especially heart health, women and men's health, dieting, environmental health issues, a motivational speaker and a teacher. I love teaching and writing articles on these topics. My desire is to share the insight gained from this experience to positively affect people's lives. Welcome to the world of health matters.
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