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3 Necessities To Make Any Business Idea Successful: Part 5 - Articles Surfing

In the last lesson, we learned about Hammer Swingers: If earning money was purely based on physical hard labor, people who swing hammers in factories all day would be some of the leading wage earners in the universe. These individuals physically work very, very, very hard. But these people do not work hard in a mentally productive capacity. In fact, if they are swinging a hammer all day, to build something for a corporation, then I would venture to say that they are mentally lazy. I would say the people who are reaping the fruits of their labors are mentally active.

The Mentally Active Planner always out works the 'Hammer Swinger.'

Getting back to the man who got the second job, who we talked about in lesson 4'He believes he is doing the right thing. He is like the hammer swinger. He believes the more physical activity he is doing the more he will gain through his hard work. He is really lazy. I know that is hard to believe. But he is lazy because he is taking the easy way out. He is allowing himself to function as a wage slave. No matter how hard he works under these conditions he is still going to only earn what his superiors tell him he is worth. What makes it so insulting is that he's probably only earning $20 or $30 an hour! Some of you reading this are involuntarily salivating at that, but I now ask you to think about how hard the Mentally Active Planner works, and subsequently earns'

The Mentally Active Planner may have been a hammer swinger once upon a time. The difference between him and his hundreds of employees (hammer swingers) is that he had a plan. He not only had a plan, but he worked his plan in accordance with Universal Law (whether he consciously knew it or not). Today, he is able to swing hundreds of hammers at a time (vicariously through his hundreds of employees) without lifting a single finger. Why? Because he took the time to plan things out. Then he took the time to intelligently execute that plan. He commands the financial destiny of hundreds of men and women. While they earn several hundred dollars a week, a few thousand a month, he feasts on making multi-millions of dollars every year! Who is working harder and smarter and getting rich? And who is comparably just wasting effort just to earn a few crumbs that fall under the Masters table?

As you can see, sometimes it is harder to slow down than to speed up. In this case, slowing down and creating a plan would take more time than automatically going after a second job. I can admit this is true from personal experience.

Whenever I worked two jobs in the past I noticed I could only give a half-hearted effort at each job. I always felt tired. My focus was off. My health suffered. I was always falling asleep on the job too. I had virtually no social life. I hardly saw my family at all. This caused me to drink way more often than I should have. It always led to problems and endless scolding from both employers, complaints from my loved ones and friends, and generally made life miserable. One day I woke up and decided this wasn't the answer. Besides I knew people in their forties and fifties who had been working like dogs for years (like I was at the time). But upon closer look at their financial status they had very little to show for. They hadn't saved much. They'd be doomed if they stopped working tomorrow. In other words, they were just like me: When I worked just one job I barely ever had enough money to survive.

When I worked two jobs I not only didn't have enough money to spare, but I actually created more debts! In the next lesson, I will go into to further detail about the stupidity of the Hammer Swinger Mentality and some of its destructive effects.

Submitted by:

Joe Cooper

Joe Cooper has researched and experimented with over 275 home based business opportunities over 25 years. Discover more information about internet scam reporting at http://www.best-internet-home-based-business.net and http://www.best-internet-home-based-business.net/order_form.html

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