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Beware of Information Overload when Starting an online business - Articles Surfing

You decide to create a website and join the online market place, you buy an ebook telling you 'Everything you need to know about online marketing', you start reading, the mists & myths start disappearing and your ideas start firing.

Then just into the first chapter you come across a hyperlink, it is a 'must have' information source or piece of software, so you click (just to see what it is) before you forget. The website opens up and you start reading the sales text or information presented, it is very interesting and solves another thing you have been puzzling over..,

But wait! What about the ebook you were reading?

So you bookmark the website in your favourites list and say to yourself 'I'll come back to that later'.

So you get back to the ebook and quickly review what you have already read to get your focus back, you see that hyperlink again and think 'I've dealt with that' and start reading again.., two pages later there's another link, what should you do?

Make a mental note to visit it later and finish the ebook or go and bookmark it now? So you decide to keep reading this time but two paragraphs later the ebook mentions something to do with the resource you just skipped, you don't quite understand so you need to go back and review the information connected with the link. You go back and click it, WOW! This info is really great and it is free! Just put your name and email address in these two boxes and you will receive a free downloadable ebook which will explain another vital aspect of the online business. So you download it straight away so you don't forget where it is, bam! Another pdf opens in your reader on top of the one you were reading (and you still have the browser open at the other website to read when you finish the first ebook).

This goes on and on and on, it is good to get all this info and to get lots of it free, but, there is so much of it you will be in danger of getting 'analysis paralysis'. It also takes a lot of time to absorb all of the information, classify it, file it away so you can retrieve it quickly and finally to remember where it is when you need it.

The answer is to do the following:

1. Decide on a very clear and focused goal when you start researching, this might be a specific question or an objective.

2. Get a piece of paper or note book and write down the objective before you start. 3. Try to stick with one thing at a time and go from start to finish before doing anything else (whenever possible).

4. Have a pen & paper next to you so you can write down notes & thoughts, this stops you interrupting your flow.

5. Even if you don't understand everything you are reading get an over view of what you are studying.

6. Make each area where you still have a query a new focused goal or research subject and research that in isolation.

7. If you file things on your computer use very descriptive file & folder names, put all the key words about the document or file into the name so it is easy to find with a search later.

8. Take Action on your ideas immediately, don't keep on reading and studying without end, never leave the scene of an idea without taking some action. If you are told about a new tip or trick try it out straight away after reading

9. If there are resources recommended wait until you have finished and go through everyone you are interested in, review them quickly, file the info you need or want and make notes on how & when you will use them or read them more fully.

10. Everytime you learn new skills apply them to your online business immediately, take daily actions and make daily improvements, implement them on your site and see the effect. It this way you will be making solid steps towards building your business.

These are just a few ideas to help you remain focused and avoid 'analysis paralysis' and information overload.

Submitted by:

Carl Henry

I'm Carl Henry, if you would like more help & support in building your online business please think about joining our http://com1com.com Affiliate Partner Program at http://www.com1com.com/partners.



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