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Beware of Internet Marketing Dream Merchants - Articles Surfing

There are so many different business opportunities available on the Web; the never-ending stream of offers that will lead you to untold riches. Everybody claims to have the "inside knowledge" that will put you on Easy Street! Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

That scenario is particularly painful for Internet beginners lacking the advanced researching skills of more seasoned Netizens. Nevertheless, is there a way for most inexperienced surfers to ascertain the initial merits of a particular offer?

There is a general procedure to dissect and examine most Internet Marketing offers, in broad terms. The bulk of the offers can be classified into two categories: Dream Merchants and Web Specific Products. They have unique qualities that are very obvious once you study them. Follow me and I'll show you how to recognize each one.

The Dream Merchant:

I'm going to describe a real world, brick-and-mortar analogy to help you understand what the Dream Merchant sells. Let's say you walk into a retail outlet and the sales clerk mentions an idea that's going to make you rich! He sounds very excited and full of enthusiasm!

He then continues to tell you all the benefits you'll get from the "great idea." Curiously, every time you ask him what it is, he never gives you a strait answer! He continues to pump you up while never revealing what it is he's selling. By now, your expectation is at a fever pitch; you gotta have it!

So you corner the silver tongued sales clerk and ask him, point blank. He then produces a little book and informs you that it contains the "great idea" and it will cost you $100! You pay for the book and he quickly scampers out the door with your money. As you open it, it says: Do to the next guy what I just did to you!

I know the above scenario is rather simplistic but it does occur all the time on the Web. That kind of business is selling you a dream! The dream is the product! You must continue to sell the dream to the next guy. Do you want to become a Dream Merchant? I don't think so!

Beware of any company that requires an up-front investment to become an affiliate member. They pump you up with dreams of big money and the good life. Then the pressure starts for you to purchase all kinds of products from them. Some of the items are ordinary household supplies; quite mundane! Let's face it: When was the last time you heard anybody getting excited about dishwashing liquid?

Web Specific Products:

As you investigate online business opportunities I'm sure you've become aware of needs that are specific to Web based businesses. No matter what a Website is selling, its owner will purchase some items that are necessary for doing business on the Internet.

Another thing about selling Web business specific products is that you are, in fact, selling a product. That is such a comforting thought! There is a basic demand for your product and it doesn't matter if your family or friends buy a heap of them!

The list of Web specific products is endless, here are a few:

Domains: You gotta have a name!

Hosting: Every Web business needs a home.

Website Design: Build and decorate your home. Writing: Fill your home with content.

Copywriting: Write about your product and make it sell!

Images: Let folks see what it looks like.

The products above are the most basic items an Internet centered business needs. A name for its business and a place to call home; the ability to do a written presentation with images. You can't go wrong selling any of those listed products. The competition will be great but you'll have an endless supply of new customers.

The following products are of a secondary nature. I'm including them because they will gain importance as we go into our Broadband future. As a matter of fact, most will be considered a necessity! Some are already widely used but will have new features when implemented for Broadband.


When visitors hear your voice it lets them know you are a person, not just a Website.


So much better! You can present products, lessons, courses. Video is going to be big!


A great way to build an Opt In list and discover the buying habits of your visitors. Scripts can be used in so many ways to enhance your visitor's experience.


Follow up to the initial customer contact is so important. A Sequential AutoResponder is a must for doing business on the Web. If you haven't already, get one!

Of course, there are many more Web specific business products. Most are connected with promotion and advertising. Some that come to mind: Traffic exchanges, message boards, linking automation applications, turnkey website packages, just to name a few.

When all is said and done, you're the only person that will make the decision about your business choice. However, if you are more comfortable selling a real product that fulfills a real need, the list is endless! The Web is so young it guarantees the supply of new customers will continue for many, many years to come.

by Francisco Aloy

(C)2004 Francisco Aloy

Submitted by:

Francisco Aloy

Francisco Aloy is the creator of The Newbie Business Guide. He is a Webmaster and Author dealing with solutions for Web Business start-up Newbies. Discover original content with marketing punch. Visit: http://www.newbie-business-guide.com



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