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BUSTED! The Real Truth Behind Today's Top 4 Internet Marketing Myths. - Articles Surfing

Let's face it...

One of the biggest "roadblocks" to starting an online business is all the misinformation, or myths, out there about Internet Marketing. You're bombarded with SO MUCH information (most of which is total garbage) that it's nearly impossible to figure out what's real and what's a total lie.

So... It's Time To Dispel Some Of The Top Internet Marketing Myths!

Internet Marketing Myth #1:

"It takes years and years of technical expertise to build a money making website."

That's complete Bull S#@%!! So-called Internet gurus have sold us on the idea that making money online is easy just to get us to buy their product. Then when you do invest in their course - possibly spending money you don't have - you find out that you have to buy yet another product just to find out how to actually implement the theories taught in the first course.

They make is sound so easy in their sales letters, but when you get the actual products they leave you hanging when it comes to actually using all that "insider information."

MAXIM: The truth is... Without an ounce of experience you can have a clean, functional website READY TO TAKE ORDERS in 7 days or less. (That even includes 3 days for getting your all your various accounts setup and web page copy written.)

It doesn't take a technical genius to put up a one page, sales letter website that takes orders and accepts credit cards... but there are several things you should know before you begin building your "mini-site".

Knowing how to setup your own websites can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in actual, out-of-your-pocket expense and thousands more in lost revenues... not to mention the weeks and months of frustration from trial-and-error you'll save by having these strategies!

Internet Marketing Myth #2:

"Building and maintaining a money-making website is expensive."

Listen... Some "gurus" will give you a laundry list of "must have" tools and resource that can cost a fortune. Many of these products ARE actually worth the investment. But, some are just being "pushed" for the affiliate commission. (There's no money to be made in telling you about the free and low cost resources that are available to build your websites.) Some are extras that WILL enhance your profits, but they're not essential to your success.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with earning money from a recommendation, if the money is not the primary reason for the recommendation. If someone really has the best interest of his/her clients in mind AND the product benefits the customer in a major way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with earning a few bucks for referring a customer to a valuable product or service.

MAXIM: The truth is... By using some, almost secret, free and low cost resources, you can have a site up and running - even accepting credit cards - for less than $20 of up-front expense. (But don't let the low price fool you. These are some of THE best resources on the Internet.)

If you can't afford $20 to get started, you need to seriously consider that Internet Marketing is not for you. I don't say that to sound harsh, but it is a fact, in order to make money you need to spend A LITTLE money.

I understand that not everyone can afford $400 for and HTML editor and $149 per month for a dedicated web hosting account. I strongly believe what one of my mentors Jeff Paul taught me... "Test small, lose small."

In the beginning, you shouldn't go out and buy all the whiz bang software gadgets and fancy graphics. Stick to the basics, but don't scrimp where it counts! And, of course, I'm going to teach you the places where it counts the most.

You can get started with an absolute minimum investment. Then, when you have some experience under your belt and you're ready to take your online business to the next level, by using some advanced resources to dramatically enhance your profits and make your online business tremendously easier to manage.

There are two more myths that I've "busted", but I don't have the room to talk about them here. If you want to get a free ebook with all 4 myths and discover the real truth about each one, visit:


Submitted by:

Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly is the creator of a brand new video tutorial series that gives you a step-by-step, nuts-and-bolts, look-over-my-shoulder guide to building YOUR Internet Empire in a flash.

"Discover The Step-By-Step Formula That 99% Of All Newbie Internet Marketers DON'T Know And Will Never Find Out!"

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