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Creating Your Own Product: Testing The Market And Finishing Your Product - Articles Surfing

Now that you know what you want to write about, the next step in the process is to gauge the amount of interest there is in your upcoming product.

You can also do a quick search on The Dowser (download the free version at http://www.keywordempire.com/keywordempire.exe) to see what types of searches folks are doing with regards to the subject you have chosen to write about. Simply type in the keywords of your subject or just type in your subject itself to see what 'pops' up. This will let you know just how many people are interested in learning more on that particular subject. And it will also give you some great information about the ratio of current websites on the subject to those people searching for it.

But that's not the only way to perform testing on your subject matter of choice.

Forums are a fantastic way to ask some questions about your subject and get real answers from real people. Plus it's a wonderful way to find out how much interest there is from others about your topic. To go one step further, you could ask specific questions and incorporate those into your ebook chapters based on what responses you get.

But remember, we're only trying to find information that can be added to, or enhance, our niche product that we've hopefully at this point already started. Also a good tip is when writing you don't have to necessarily write in order. Of course, keep the product in a specific order by using your chapter outline so that it has a general flow once it's all finished and compiled. But behind the scenes while you are writing it all up, it may be easier for you to write on a certain portion of the product before another, without following a 'beginning to end' style.

The best way to create a popular 'niche' category information product is to combine that which you have knowledge of, like a personal hobby or your current career, with those terms, or keywords, that are at the top of the search engines. But you can create anything you want, whether it's popular or not and still get people to purchase it with a little trick that many successful internet marketers, including ourselves, use. And that is...

Offer your customers a way to make money with your product!! Whether it be giving them resale rights with their purchase, offering them an exclusive joint venture partnership to become an affiliate and earn a percentage of the profits when reselling your product, or giving them several other resale rights products from within your product that enhance your product and stick with the subject matter the best you can. Giving them something that they can use to make money with will indeed get you more sales.

Remember, nothing is ever written in stone when it comes to the internet. Since things change frequently there is always a chance that something that was popular yesterday won't be tomorrow. Keep this in mind when writing too. A quick example is that many older book titles on marketing and self-improvement have been storming onto the ebook scene as of late with the trend of Public Domain product compilation. So if you think that your subject won't have ANY audience, you couldn't be more wrong!

Chances are good that someone will want to read what you have written. Even if no one has heard of you. That doesn't matter. What does matter is that everyone has a unique way of looking at and solving certain problems. No two people see things the same. My point is that even if there are hundreds of ebooks, special reports, or articles that cover the very same topic that you have written about it won't be filled with the exact same information. That's why you see literally thousands of ebooks covering the same subject matter, but often adding the author's own unique spin on it.

And if you are worried about the length of your particular product, don't be. There are more important things to be concerned with than something as trivial as length. Believe me, there are some marketers out there that sell 5-15 page reports that sell very well for them and for a reasonable price too. How do they do it? Because they focus on the WAY in which they have provided the information to their customers, and that they are providing good, high-quality, useful information to their customers, site visitors, or newsletter subscribers. You can do the exact same thing with your products so long as you too are providing good, high-quality,useful information on your subject matter of choice.

Always remember to be original with your writing. A good way to be sure you are in fact being original is to write how you speak. Don't use a huge amount of big words you yourself don't understand and expect your readers to! Writing how you speak will also make the task of writing a lot easier for you. Especially if you think of it as if you were creating your product for a good friend, or your significant other.

And never forget that nothing is perfect. Sure, feel free to re-read, revise, and retype your product. But don't just let it sit there and do nothing with it because you feel it's not good enough. Get your product out there, even if there are a couple of typos or a point you forgot to cover. It doesn't matter. What matters most is that you finished it the best you could and you weren't afraid to get it out there to the public.

"You don't have to get it perfect; you just have to get it going'"

Once you make it past creating your first product, any others you create will be a breeze. Getting started is always the hard part so cross this hurdle first!

Copyright 2005 Ronald Gibson

Submitted by:

Ronald Gibson

Ronald Gibson is a Web Designer and Internet Marketer. He is the Webmaster of AffiliateUtopia.com, which offers information about some of the best money making opportunities on the Web. For more information, visit: http://www.affiliateutopia.com/ and http://www.affiliateutopia.com/blog/.



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