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Airport Delays And Computer Glitches: What The Government Will Not Tell You - Articles Surfing

The Beatles released a song called Fool on the Hill in the late 1960s. Music journalists at that time said that the British rock group wrote the song after being disillusioned by the shaman of a religious sect. The Fab Four traveled all the way to India to meet a man they were told was very spiritual, hoping he had the answers to what they were religiously seeking. Instead, they found a cult leader that isolated himself from the world while enjoying the fruits of his female followers. It was alleged that he tried to proposition one or more of the female members of their entourage which included wives and girl friends.

The Fool on the Hill seems to envision a person with access to everything that sees nothing. What he does see, he doesn't bother to try and understand. Have we become the fools on the hill when it comes to what is happening around us? I think many of us have and that's what the government counts on to keep information from us that they deem as too sensitive for public consumption. That may be the real explanation for a series of bizarre events that have occurred over the decade. These events may involve Alien life forms.

I. It All Began With the 1997 Phoenix Sightings

Things started to get strange in 1997 when unexplained lights and a huge triangle craft appeared over Phoenix, Arizona. Despite photos, video and competent witnesses, the amazing events were explained away as military flares and everyone bought that lackluster explanation. Local politicians seemed unconcerned about the lights and tended to ignore or censure others that were. Despite putting out the SPACE PEOPLE GO HOME sign, the Phoenix area received a whole new set of visits during the summer of 2006.

Once again strange lights began to dance in the skies over the Phoenix area. Just like before, the media all but ignored any explanations except those offered by the military. Politicians again balked at the idea of alien spacecrafts flying over their heads, with one important exception. Fife Symington, the man who was Arizona Governor when the original Phoenix Lights event occurred in 1997, admitted that he took the entire thing too lightly and had seen a huge triangular UFO himself at that time.

II. Couldn't They Just Have Left a Message on Clinton's Voice Mail?

Sometimes I wonder if Aliens watch the TV signals we end up beaming into space or patch into the internet and for a quick read of the latest news from Earth? If so, they would have to come to the conclusion that there is no intelligent life here, especially when politicians make self-serving statements about them. I imagine that at least some Aliens might not have been amused if they saw him speak on TV or were able to read the comments made by former U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1995 (according to an article written by Carlton Stower that appeared on the Dallas Morning News website):

'It was a snow-covered December in 1995 when President Bill Clinton, visiting Northern Ireland in support of the country's new and fragile peace process, spoke to a large gathering that had arrived for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The president opted to dismiss politics and keep the mood of his speech light. At one point, he drew laughter as he referred to a letter he'd recently received from a 13- year-old boy in Belfast. "Ryan," the president said, "in case you're out there, here is your answer: No. As far as I know, no spaceship crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. And if the Air Force recovered any extraterrestrial bodies, they did not tell me."

Perhaps the Aliens had the last laugh and their answer to such dribble came in the form of the Phoenix Lights and subsequent sightings that occurred nationwide for years afterward. If so, they wasted a lot of gas to get here and should have just called President Clinton or left a voice mail message for him. Because just as the 1997 Phoenix sightings were dismissed out of hand, the ensuing UFO events were largely ignored with claims of computer enhanced photographic trickery and video fakery becoming the newest and most popular tools in the Skeptics Toolbox. It stayed that way until just after the new wave of Phoenix UFO sightings during 2006.

III. Maybe They Came To See The Sears Tower?

On November 7, 2006, a disc shaped UFO hovered above O'Hare International Airport near Chicago. It was seen by a number of people and photographed. Despite the fact that some of the witnesses were pilots and others were airport personnel that would tend to know the difference between a UFO and incoming or outgoing conventional aircrafts, the event was barely mentioned by the local media. Even some in the UFO research community took weeks to report the information they received about to anyone outside of a disinterested press.

Over the past seven months since the O'Hare incident, a series of alleged 'computer malfunctions' have occurred at airports all over the USA. These technical problems were sometimes accompanied by very odd weather conditions. During May and June of 2007, things really picked up with computer outages affecting major airports in Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Newark, Boston, Pittsburgh, Denver, Los Angeles and other places.

On June 8, 2007, the FAA reported that the huge number of flight delays, cancellations and other problems that occurred on that particular date were due to a software malfunction in their computers located near Atlanta, Georgia. However, if that were true, why has the situation continued and gotten worse long after those problems were fixed? The weird weather continues and now Airlines report that their computers all seem to be malfunctioning as well.

IV. When in Doubt, Blame the Terrorists and the Weather

Although they are still ignoring the weird weather and any UFO reports that come their way, even the major news gathering organizations are tiring of the 'computer glitch' explanation for what's been happening at most of the airports. While they consider themselves too credible to blame or even consider Aliens or a government cover-up of UFO activity for all this, I guess they are conspiratorial-minded enough to consider holding terrorists responsible. However, the experts disagree.

Non-government terrorism experts that help protect large corporations from cyber attacks say that the Terrorist explanation doesn't wash. They point out that it's always been easy to spot the signs of a cyber attack, but harder to track down those carrying it out. None of the usual cyber attack warning signs exist in the case of the airport or airline computers. In the words of one cyber attack expert appearing on Fox News, 'The terrorists want to kill us, not make our flights arrive an hour late. And then there is that strange weather.

I recently received several emails from a UFO Researcher named Steve Tobias. He provided me with some very interesting information after reading my article about the unusual coincidences of June 8, 2007. In that article for the International UFO Society Newsletter, I pointed out that it seemed bizarre how the primary news gathering organizations managed to spend an entire day following Paris Hilton around with cameras and helicopters when almost all the east coast airports had been brought to a stand still by computer problems and bizarre weather conditions.

Tobias sent me some Weather Channel Maps which appear to show unusual objects being tracked a few hundred miles off the coast of New England. The objects appeared in conjunction with some very unusual weather conditions and the alleged computer problems that virtually shut down airports. Other maps show the same thing happening in other parts of the USA.

When it comes to looking at all this, I have tried to exist in a mental No Man's Land between the Galactically Stupid and the Completely Conspiratorial. This allows me to retain some journalistic credibility, investigative objectivity and attempt to explain the unexplained in the most reasonable way possible. But like the old saying goes, 'If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.' If it looks like a Dodo bird and sounds like a bad impression of Rush Limbaugh, it's a local News Reporter or television Station Manager.

Read more at http://www.BillKnell.com

Submitted by:

Bill Knell

Bill Knell is a popular Speaker, Author and Consultant with eclectic interests. Featured in the Wall Street Journal; seen on NBC Nightly News; heard on Mancow and Howard Stern; consultant to films like Men in Black and World of the Worlds. BillKnell.com



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