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Cafe Furniture: The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Furniture - Articles Surfing

More people in the world are stirring up asking their presidents and neighborhood councils to implement environment friendly standards. As part of the community, your cafe should provide exemplary standards for you to keep your customers happy and willing to visit again. How can you keep customer if they believe that your cafe furniture harms the environment? Well, to put it this way, you won't be able to. Going with the flow and trends of consumer awareness, fears, and needs is the number one success secret for any business owner. So you might think "Why should I opt for green furniture today?" Let's look over the reasons.

1. Image

As we just mentioned, your image is a direct factor in determining your sales. Image is important to any cafe owner because of its potential boost for customers. Let's examine the current trends of the modern world, are more people volunteering to work in NGO's and other community projects? Is the environmental awareness the way it was in the 80's? Are more people willing to consider environment friendly products such as recycled goods? The answer is that more customers are involved in NGO's and Green Peace movements, therefore; it is of utter importance for you to provide the crowd with a place to stay.

Another factor that kicks in is related to the marketing. Marketing depends on people's tastes and awareness for the time of the day. If more people are paying attention to their work's integrity, the way to market is to show your business as one that respects and is committed to work ethics. Nowadays, environment friendly cafes are more marketable for three main reasons: public consensus, simplicity, and low cost. Let's discuss these points briefly, so you'll get a view from a marketer's eye.

Starting with the public consensus, customers are most likely to be tempted by ads that go with whatever is hot nowadays. You see it everyday, people buying things for the sheer fact their friend did or their boss did. People are willing to stand in line even if they don't know what's going on simply because there's a line. If the customer sees the herd to approve of this ad, he's most likely to go for it.

The second point is the simplicity of environmentally friendly product campaigns. Given that the cause itself advocates simplicity, your ads won't have cluttered fonts or promises. You're most likely to put a freshly cut strawberry and a coffee cup, and people will get that your cafe is offering a delicious strawberry flavored coffee. Humans have the innate nature of craving simplicity for they lived most of their lives in such a condition, the modern times with their complexity are commonly seen as an abnormality to the human's nature.

The third point is low cost. Environmentally friendly marketing involves lower cost printing, use of recycled paper or materials, a minimalist design (the strawberry example above). For such a marketing campaign, you're most probably to pay half the price you were paying before. Not to mention that with the same budget, you'll be able to have a larger marketing campaign that provides more exposure.

2. International Standards

Do you want your cafe to be highly rated or to be included in a certain cafe type class? Well, the international standards of classification have become very demanding especially in the green category. Some countries in the European Union have started demanding environment friendly furniture in order to be included in the cafes directory.

International associations and unions are also becoming pickier when it comes to furniture. You might ask yourself, but what's the big fuss? The costs of maintaining commercial furniture are much higher, and in effort to grow the industry, more unions are asking their members to cut the maintenance costs. How is that relevant? More money in your pocket means more power for that certain industry or service chain, and thus more power for the association or union.

3. Reliability

Since we've discussing maintenance costs, it's time to discuss the reliability of environmentally friendly furniture. Try to think of the old times, where commercial furniture was not even invented, and one would make his own table, chair, etc. Isn't the quality higher? Many will say, of course! If you ask them: why? They'd tell you that they used natural wood, quality materials, etc. Commercial furniture is indeed "commercial", meaning that its goal isn't to provide you with top of the line quality as much as it is to provide for the largest number of customers at an affordable price.

Environmentally friendly furniture is very durable due to the fact that it uses quality, natural materials. Even recycled products are highly reliable because of the fact that they're a blend of many things, combined, and packaged.

Not to mention, that many of the green furniture can be custom made at a very low cost. The furniture can fit your own standards and needs; it can accommodate your space and color restrictions.

4. Cost

Wait a minute! You'll stop me here, saying that commercial furniture is much cheaper. Let's go back to the reliability, what would cost more, buying a couch for $300 and having no problem for it for the next 5 years, or buying a commercial couch for $200 and having to change it twice within the very same period. When calculating cost, one must consider quality vs. cost. Higher quality will stay for longer years, in which you could've possibly bought several commercial items in, hence costing you more.

Another point in relation to cost is that many countries are now offering incentives to those buying environmentally friendly furniture. This step was put to promote green furniture and kick start the awareness movement. Incentives and low cost? What more could you ask for?

Overall, there are many advantages to buying environmentally friendly furniture. Next time you consider commercial options; why not take a look at the green options too? You'll be surprised by the quality, options, and cost of environmentally friendly furniture!

Submitted by:

Tony Nibbinsworth

Tony has written several books on cafe chairs, cafe tables and cafe furniture. He also enjoys to write about hotel furniture and gardening.



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