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Dr Joe Vitale Has Gone From Rags To Riches With The Secret - Articles Surfing

For those of you who are not familiar with his success ' this article is meant to inform as well as to inspire. On the other hand, for those of you who were fans prior to his recognition on the hit movie of 2006 'The Secret' I hope it will find favor in your hearts as it is written from mine. If you are at all the least bit interested in Internet Marketing it will behoove you to learn more about this gentleman 'as he is to Marketing what Einstein was to Science!

I know that is quite a large claim. But if he didn't really know his stuff 'do you think that he would have over come living in poverty for 15 years as well as homelessness? How many folks can boast that in their lifetime? Joe Vitale has managed to do this and yet somehow remains quite humble and unassuming. He has a calm demeanor, and yet he possesses a kind of energy that lights a fire in millions of people all around the world. Which is probably why he has been called 'Mr. Fire'! Marketing">All the misfortune that once plagued his life, seems to only have added to his tenacity, and his hunger to reach out to others and move towards helping them change their lives.

During the rough times, Joe was not aware of the talents and attributes lying dormant inside that would someday rise to the surface to turn everything in his life around and make him a leading Guru in the field of Self Advancement! He has such passion and enthusiasm for Marketing that he claims to have read every book written on advertising going as far back as the year 1850! He has written a book entitled 'Zero Limits' on a Hawaiian-Based-Technique called ho `oponopono that a Dr. by the name of Ihaleakala Hew Len used to heal a complete ward of Criminally Insane patients -without ever seeing any of them! All by simply saying in a repetitive type of meditation 'I am sorry and I love you!' Now I don't know about you, but that is one book I plan on getting my hands on in the near future! The idea behind the chant or mantra is said to work with the principle of healing ourselves to heal others around us as well. But you don't have to take my word on it. My advice is you go to his website at Mr. Fire .com where you can read about this for yourself!

Maybe all the work put into the movie 'The Secret' will be well worth all the effort in the long run. Perhaps the main reason the movie and its' concepts have made it into the mainstream is we as a whole 'all of us as human beings are more ready for peace and well being than ever before in the history of man kind. Perhaps if we all focused our attention on a unified world, one in which we all regard it's inhabitants from all areas of the glob as brothers and sisters and we began to see that we can heal more than just our own lives we could literally change the world starting today! The way it appears to be right now -the entire planet has a lot to gain if we all unite and ban together for the greater good of mankind. After all isn't the real truth about the way things are'because we have allowed it to be so in the first place?

Quantum Physics says we play the most vital role in our own reality. We focus on what we allow others to feed us in Movies, T.V. Video Games, Music Videos and even the Nightly News'then we wonder why we have going on in the world what is currently going on in the world. So if Science itself has a field of interest that states what we think about and focus on the most is what we create. Maybe listening to the message Joe Vitale and his fellow affiliates from 'The Secret' have to say is a real good place to start!

I personally have given it a try and already my life is changing in ways I never dreamt possible. I have manifested a home to live in for myself and my daughters -only two weeks shy of losing my house due to the loss of my job-and filing for bankruptcy in order to avoid a Foreclosure on my credit history, found the partner of my dreams, and I have teamed up with an Internet-Marketing-Power-House and now attract only 'Positive happy people and positive happy events'. All this in less than 2 years 'I was applying the secret to my life before I even knew what it was. If I can do it you can too. Joe did as well and I would have to say things turned out just fine for him in the end'will they for you as well 'I sure hope so!

Submitted by:

Karen Giardunio

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