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Environmental Pollutin

The problem of pollution has become very acute in recent years. And if we are not going to tackle this problem now ,future generation will certainly suffer its disastrous effects.

This problem assumes different forms such as air pollution, waterpollution, food pollution, noise pollution. Man">All these pollutions results from man's greed from money.The main problem of the air and water pollution is unbalanced industrial growth, deforestation and urbanisation.Thr industrial waste materials are throwed on the grounds or in rivers B y these harmful wastes water is polluted,the industrial wastes and nuclear wastes are very harmful they are full of harmful gases and when they are thrown in rivers the river water becomes poisonous .All the fishes and other creatures in river dies and man also cannot drink that water.The cutting of tfees causes green house effecr .It results in heating of earth's surface which has seriously bad effects for life on earth.The hole of ozone layer is getting bigger and dur toit the earth receives the harmful UV rays directly. Chloro-Flouro-Carbons in the atmosphere leads to depletion of ozone layer which acts as a shield in the upper atmosphere to protect the earth from radiation

Trees are the best friends of man. Trees and plants turn cabon dioxide into oxygen but when they are cutted the air is not purified. Manis not able to breath pure and fresh air If the air and water continue to be polluted in this way, man will face greater and greater health hazards.Air will not remain breathable. When water is polluted food iis also polluted.As polluted water is used for watering the plants and vegetables In this way vegetables and crops are polluted.Pesticides are also a source of pollution to our cropsand vegetables.

Besides these there are other pollutants also like noise pollution. The roar of vehicle, particularly in large cities is deafening and unbearableIt leads to physchic disorders.

To check pollution there should be balanced and planned industrialisation. Industrial wastes should not g\be dumbed on earth's surface or in the rivers. Polluted ware should not be used for irrigation.A programme of tree plantation should be taken in hand and the guilites should be punished for their offence to stop deforestation.c

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