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Global Warming - Will God Help Us Solve The Problem? - Articles Surfing

Orange Groves on the East coast, Palm trees in New Jersey, where is God's hand in all of this? Are we going to end up like a bunch of fried Bananas?

According to the latest scientific evidence revealed by ABC News and featured in Time Magazine recently, the world we live in may be warming at a dangerously rapid rate due to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide, and other man made pollutants. Glaciers are melting and our shorelines are in danger of being overrun by water. What else would they be overrun with? At the same time, the sun it is hypothesized, is dying. Well, which is it, are we going to burn up or freeze to death?

Climate change is out of the closet and no longer the stepchild of a minority of do-good environmentalists. Today almost everybody is worried about global warming. What is so bad about things heating up? Are people worried that we are creating an environment more friendly to the devil than to God? I for one am not worried about it. I have faith that God will come to our rescue and save us from ourselves. We may be the cause of carbon emissions, but God is the source of all carbon elements. Thank God for God. Where would we carbon-based elements be without God's inspiration?

What would be so bad about having fresh orange groves or banana plants growing in New York? Perhaps they could supply the fresh juice some Eastern liberal establishments need to develop a more centered philosophy on the environment as it relates to the economics of an expanding gross national product due to the fruits of our labor. Although over the last fifty years the East has been cooler and the West warmer. There is no evidence to suggest that this anomaly is part of an Eastern liberal conspiracy against the conservative leanings of our heartland or that the trend won't reverse itself, but then there is no evidence to the contrary. On the other hand if we burn up or freeze to death what will it matter? Who is going to be around to enjoy a man made prosperity whatever the political origins of the underlying economic boom are?

I think it's all a matter of allowing evolution to take place under God's good grace. Let's not underestimate God's grand design or His capacity to reinvigorate and keep our environment safe for all of humanity. As even the most brilliant of scientists will admit, there are some things we just don't understand. I believe that there are some things we just have to take on faith.

I was wondering the other day what would be so terrible if the average temperature in the world increased by fifteen degrees over a ten-year period of time. This would mean that in some places we could fry eggs on the sidewalk without the benefit of using cooking gas or electric ovens. Stop and think about how much fuel consumption this warming trend would save.. How much could we then reduce heating fuel emissions into the atmosphere by burning less fossil fuel? Maybe global warming is a self-correcting problem. What would be so bad about having palm trees and coconuts grow in New Jersey. I love coconuts. And as far as our shore lines eroding, I thought we could all use more water to help make the planet flourish. Maybe this is God's way of improving our natural habitat so that it will offer us a more human friendly environment to say nothing of the aquatic wonders it might do for the diminishing swarms of fish we use to feed ourselves with.

Now lets turn to this big deal people are making about a hole forming in the stratosphere or the ionosphere -- I always get my spheres of influence mixed up -- and the potential danger that ozone depletion in the atmosphere poses to human life due to ultra violet ray poisoning etcetera. Maybe it is time some of us grow a thicker skin and stop worrying about the effect of climate changes in the atmosphere that only God can control. Let's not forget the potential of the Sun dying. Although none of us reading this article will be around to see it happen, I sure have a ray of hope and do believe that God has taken that possibility into account. Again I am not worried. I firmly believe that God has the capacity to effect change. I hope and pray that my great, great, great, great grandchildren are around to experience the kindness and mercy of His actions.

I think we would all be better served to worry about the catastrophic consequences that nuclear annihilation poses to our society. If we don't stop nuclear proliferation we may all end up living on oranges, coconuts, and bananas again. That would surely eliminate the freezone emissions from refrigerators and automobile air conditioners, but would definitely put a crimp in any travel arrangements we had in mind in our gas guzzling SUVs as well as eliminate the need for food storage except possibly in caves. Is the return of the primitive within us just around the corner?

At the risk of sounding glib, what's to worry? We are all in God's hands. Whatever happens it is His will. I do think that there is a chance that God will give us the inspiration to see the error of our ways before it becomes necessary for Him to make all the adjustments necessary for our survival Himself. Have you thought about asking God how hot it is going to get around here before we come to our senses and start protecting our environment not only from global warming, but also from the threat of nuclear devastation?

Submitted by:

Arthur Levine

Arthur Levine is the author of The Magic of Faith. Check out more of his writing at http://www.faith123.com and at his blog http://searchfor-god.blogspot.com and get inspired to find more faith in God.



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