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Many inspirational books and personality development materials are available in different bookstores to encourage each individual to take the first step towards spiritual enlightenment, development and growth. It is true that finding peace within yourself can open a path in your heart and soul to give way to ultimate joy and happiness. The steps in achieving this are tackled in many books and discussed chapter by chapter so as to ensure the reader a successful attempt in spiritual renewal. Many people have taken these steps to be transformed by retreating into spiritual lives and turning their lives 360 degrees around from the bad influences to the more inspiring and motivating ones.

Finding true happiness is essential, not only for our own personal development, but for our relationship with others. This is one of our ethical responsibilities as human beings because, as the highest form of creature on earth, we are capable of thinking and finding solutions to our problems. We are intelligent enough to develop the latest technologies and we have the abilities to comprehend the smallest details of the most complicated things on our planet. How much more capable must we be to find our own inner happiness! With this as the case, we should certainly be responsible with our actions and our relationships with other people to find true happiness and a better life. As a matter of fact, surveys have shown that unhappy people tend to be more self-centered, socially withdrawn, angry, antagonistic and pessimistic while happy people tend to be the exact opposite. In addition, happy people tend to be very approachable and are always ready to help someone when they can.

Although finding about spiritual fulfillment is that it makes a person happier in general. There are many things in life that are taken for granted when your attitude is not right but, when they are viewed in the correct way, they can make us very happy. During the era of Greek civilization, computers, transportation and other hi-tech machinery were not yet available. The people during those days were living a simple life yet they were still quite happy. Everything we have now is part of a more developed world but it is often a world full of criticism, deadly competition and the 'outwitting' of one another as an important tactic to gain more wealth and success. Does this bring true happiness? Obviously the answer is 'No'. We are often forgetting the essence of living and a good life which is centered in spiritual values. Our necessities are really all in our minds and the truth is that we can live our lives even without a simple luxury or modern technology if we have to.

Many other people believe that their way of finding true happiness is simply by finding true love. Being romantically attached and intimate with the opposite sex gives us a feeling of satisfaction because, deep within our hearts, we feel that a space can be filled up by somebody who is very dear to us. Human beings are emotional and sentimental but studies have shown that oftentimes people lose that initial 'spark' that they feel for someone else and a deeper commitment is needed to find the true source of love within themselves. People who are romantically in love do tend to be generally nice, approachable, carefree, responsible and have a peace of mind but this also tends to come from a deeper source inside themselves that is only projected outward onto the romantic relationship that they were blessed enough to find. What about you? Have you found your true happiness? Think about it and try to find a way to find it inside of yourself. If you do, you will surely project it out onto the world and find yourself acting as the very creator of the happiness you had sought for so long.

Submitted by:

Gary M. Miller

Gary Miller was the World's Leading expert on Negative Thinking until he lost approximately $3 Million Dollars because of a lifetime of negative thinking. To learn more about his Journey to a Positive Thinking Recovery and weekly FREE Positive Thinking techniques, you can visit his web site at: http://www.positivethinkingnow.com



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