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Is Google Bankrupt... - Articles Surfing

It was only a matter of time before this would happen.

You did not really think Google could go on forever, right?

Some of the largest companies on the planet have either gone bust, or they were purchased simply for the assets they still owned so they could be split up and sold.

But this is not the case with Google. Surely you did not really think Google was one of those companies (maybe you were just hoping so). In fact, from everything I have read, it is just a matter of time until they become "Masters of the Universe".

Years back, I thought it would be Microsoft that became the Master of the Universe - but it appears it will be Google.

So no, Google is not bankrupt - but they could be the reason you go bankrupt. They have caused a few bankruptcies on their quest for domination of the universe.

With the stronghold they have on the Internet, it would not surprise me if in a few short years that we will be saying jump on "The Google" and see what you can find - instead of saying "The Internet or Web".

It is truly unsettling that one company has so much control over a medium that has become the primary means of communicating and socializing in the United States and the rest of the World.

Oh' the cell phone is first? I'd disagree, but just in case you have not heard - they are getting into that business as well (they have already purchased Grand Central http://grandcentral.com), and who knows what other businesses they are buying and technologies they are working on that is hush hush.

If you think Google is simply a search engine, you would be sadly mistaken. It was just a few days ago I came across an article about Google entering the Solar Power arena.

I really should have titled this post "Did Google Bankrupt You" for those who will either be a Google Bankruptcy victim, or for those who have already bit the dust by depending on Google's organic search results, AdSense or AdWords to generate their income.

Starting today - as you surf the Internet, see if you can do so without using a Google resource or service. I would dare to say if you have a business on the Internet, you cannot do it.

Worse yet' if you own a business, what would happen if Google went bankrupt (I know - won't happen). Instead, lets pretend Google singles you out and decides they no longer like you or your company. That's more realistic anyway. Nothing personal - it's all about business.

No search result listings - no PR link love - no AdWords - no AdSense - no Gmail - no nothing. If Google owns it - you can't use or benefit from it.

For most businesses owners - "Game Over" - time to get a job!

It reminds me of what Brian Clark at Teaching Sells said (working off of memory so cut me some slack), "if you are dependent on Google to make a living - then you basically work for Google". It is not an exact quote - but that is my interpretation of it.

Today, while you are trying to navigate and do business on the web without using any of Google's properties or services - take out your calculator and figure up how much of the money you make is dependent upon you staying in the good graces of "The Master of the Universe".

Once you have done this, calm down - take a slow deep breath in through your nose for a ten count - exhale out your mouth a full ten count' collect yourself - now open up Microsoft Word and start updating your Resume.

You need to hurry though, because like you - there are thousands upon thousands of people who depend on Google to stay in business. They too may be looking for a job soon - or they are looking right now.

If dusting off the old Resume does not sound like a good game plan or something you truly relish doing, then you need to forget about that slow breathing ten count BS above and rethink how you drive traffic to your site and get business - and fast.

Don't sleep on this one' The Master of the Universe never sleeps!

Submitted by:

Andrew Daum

You can view additional articles, posts, podcasts and videos on Social Marketing, Social Bookmarking and Business Development by visiting: AndrewDaum.com : Riffs~Rants and the Pursuit of Happiness.



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