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Learned Optimism Can Change Your Mind And Your Life - Articles Surfing

Life has always been a mystery. Negative emotions such as loneliness can sometimes lead to fear, hatred and even violent actions a lot of the time. On the other hand, positive emotions such as love can lead to contentment, happiness and helping other people. If you weren't born into it, as most people weren't, learned optimism is the best method to success. In fact, learned optimism can change your mental state and your life if you truly want top get out of the negative place you are in and into a better life.

Many experts have developed intervening strategies which can actually cultivate positive emotions in the same way that we cultivate plants and animals in the agricultural sciences. You can both prevent and treat problems which are rooted in negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, and stress. These can all be driven out of your life and replaced by the principle of optimism.

Are you optimistic? Are you one of those who are fortunate to have the ability to turn a negative emotion into a positive one? Not too many people can because it actually requires a reservoir of energy inside you that few people have. When something goes wrong, most people are consumed by the grief and negativity that an accident or a mistake will often bring about. It's just too difficult to get right back up and start again isn't it? We may think that this is not normal but actually it is quite normal as we are just human beings and not robots. We often need to give ourselves time to grieve over a bad thing that may have happened to us in the past. Nevertheless, these patterns that cause us to get down over something negative or to spend extensive amounts of feeling down, are not necessary to our survival or for us to remain compassionate, functioning individuals. These patterns can be replaced with better patterns of thinking and feeling which eventually give us more energy and the ability to accomplish more of the things that we want in life.

Emotions are sometimes very hard to handle. Psychologists have proven, however, that everything actually originates in the mind even if our thinking and our emotions are intimately linked to outside events. Actions, emotions and words can be controlled by our will to some small degree and initial changes that we make can eventually be built upon over a long period of time to create new patterns of thinking and feeling. This is how learned optimism comes about. It can be developed over time and can eventually change your mind and your life.

Many researchers and medical practitioners now work extensively with people who have undergone profound changes in their bodies brain chemistry due to the sudden onset of an energy process known as the Kundalini process. As a result of prolonged work on a person's mental and emotional state, many people report a profound change that takes place inside their nervous system wherein a flow of energy can be felt coming up from inside their central nervous system into their chest and neck and eventually filling their brain. This energy has been reported and discussed extensively in one famous book entitled Kundalini; the Transformative Energy in Man. With the onset of this new energy that thousands of patients have reported and been tested with, an actual change in brain chemistry has been shown to take place wherein a persons thoughts and emotions begin to change drastically over a period of several years. Patients report a renewed sense of energy and happiness in their lives that was not previously experienced.

According to Barbara L. Frederickson of the University of Michigan, all negative emotions like fear, sadness, and anger narrow a person's thought-action activity towards a specific action of promoting survival. Contrary to this, positive emotions such as joy, interest and contentment, broaden a person's thought-action activity towards a specific action of promoting happiness and contentment to others. By broadening the thought-action activity of a person, positive emotions loosen the negative emotions which had dominated the person's body and mind. Studies have also shown that contentment and joy speed the recovery of a patient after illnesses and the onset of certain diseases. Given these examples, psychologists are establishing the principle of optimism as a vital part in the development of a human being's mental state. Whether it be mental or emotional, the fact is that optimism changes our lives for the better and is something you could benefit by pursuing more of it in the future.

Submitted by:

Gary M. Miller

Gary Miller was the World's Leading expert on Negative Thinking until he lost approximately $3 Million Dollars because of a lifetime of negative thinking. To learn more about his Journey to a Positive Thinking Recovery and weekly FREE PositiveThinking techniques, you can visit his web site at:http://www.positivethinkingnow.com



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