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My First Encounter With An Online Psychic

This was a first for me, but just the other day I had my first online psychic reading, and I have to be honest and say that I was not all that thrilled with what I heard. Sure, the online psychic somehow knew my name and my birthday, and my astrological sign, I guess the psychic had a 1 in 12 shot at that, but I had filling up education page and probably was the source of information.

I gave serious consideration to lying about my information to put the online psychic to the test to see if they actually had a clue as to what he or she (I later found out it was a woman) was talking about, but what I decided to offer my true information. After all, if I had the power to read minds and see the future, I hope waste my time with people that doubted me. Anyone testing me, I would probably allow to go away smugly believing that they exposed me and were quite clever and their own right, and therefore themselves be unable to benefit from the fruits of my awesome power. But on the other hand, if I had if I could see the future and read people's minds I most assuredly would not be giving online psychic readings.

Anyway, the information my online psychic gave to me was all a generic in nature. She said that I sometimes got confused about myself, trying to be an extrovert, and feeling like an extrovert, and at the same time having this introverted side to me too. That type of inner conflict turned out to be a general fame with her during the online psychic reading. She said that there were two sides to me �the one side that I share with everybody that is a gregarious side, and then the other side that I keep for myself.

At first I was actually impressed with that portion of the reading. I mean, I had never told anyone, but I guess that is pretty much the way I'm wired and I've always seemed to have a certain duality to me which seemed at times to be conflicted. To have a complete stranger know this without ever having met me before was pretty startling.

Then the other parts of the online psychic predictions I found to be far less impressive. For instance she told me that I hadn't had the greatest luck with love and fortune, but my luck would soon take a turn for the better I would have all of the friends that I ever wanted. The truth was that I was on a roll lately, and had even fallen in love with a beautiful young lady. Hell, I even got a raise from work, which is why I could afford to pay for a consultation with an online psychic to begin with.

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Morgan Hamilton

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