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One Star That Doesn't Need To Shine - Articles Surfing

Standing firm by the side of the organization that many of us know as Freemasonry, is a woman's auxiliary which was founded in 1868 known as the Order of the Eastern Star. It is the largest Fraternal Organization in the world. Also known as the 'Star', OES is only open to women with specific Masonic affiliation and men who are Master Masons. By tradition, the Master Mason, also known as the Worthy Patron and an Associate Patron must be present at all of the Star meetings. If that is not the case, all of the offices are held by women. Anyone who expresses a desire to become a part of OES must be of good moral character, believe in a Supreme Being, and be at least 18 years of age. They must also believe in the laws of the United States, be willing to take on the obligation of the OES, Participate in the Ceremony of Initiation, be free of mental illness, free of any convicted felonies, and be a resident of the United States. Answers to question such as 'what is the basis of the Order of Eastern Star?', 'What are its goals and purpose?' 'Does it interfere with religion?' Or 'is it considered a secret society?' are only a few of many that may still sometimes leave the overall essence of the organization questionable.

It is explained that OES's goal and purpose is to provide an organization where women and men with high moral and social character can contribute their time, energy and wisdom to their Order with Charity, Truth and Kindness and Love for the good of all mankind throughout the world. Their meetings open up with the singing of Hyms and the waving of rods and banners. In a ritually tedious routine, the officers announce their stations and functions; following is the introduction and honoring of the Grand Chapter Officers. The remainder of the meetings operates like that of any club, mentioning members that are ill, initiating new members, and regular business transactions. Upon closing, there is another ceremonial routing, followed by social hour.

The Star is in general observed by the women of OES as a fine Christian institution within Masonry, but contrary to that, it is clearly explained at the start to those interested in becoming members that 'While this is an Order composed of people of deep spiritual convictions, it is open to all faiths, except no faith'. Does this not include non-Christians? For some, this is enough to raise an eyebrow but it gets better. The motto of the chapter which directly from the Bible quotes, 'We have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him'" (Matthew 2:2). But anyone who understands the way cults work will know that tactics and strategies are purposely used to play upon and manipulate the interpretation of words. Well known Bible verses and words such as 'Jesus' that have common meanings are often used and are deliberately disguised, leaving their members in the dark about it containing a second underlying meaning.

It was read somewhere before that OES uses satanic symbolism, which is in fact the same five point star enclosed within a circle. This alone should make it worth searching for another layer or meaning. It was also bought to my attention that the A.V. 1611(Authorized Version of King James) does not use the words 'eastern star'. Instead it is phrased 'star in the east', which has a very different meaning in occultism. It actually refers to 'Sirus', which is the star most significant in Satanism and most sacred to the god, Set. Set was the evil Egyptian god who killed Osiris and is possibly the oldest form of Satan. The most chilling part of this all is, The Eastern Star is known as the star of SET.

It is sad to presume that most women who belong to this organization believe in their heart and souls that they are worshiping Jesus, all the while kneeling around the satanic pentagram. Clearly, there are deceitful word games being played. The core of this all has nothing to do with Jesus' star, but everything to do with the star or set. This breaks down the most important and well disguised point that Satan is the accredited god of Masonry and sadly, has all of these affiliated people blindly worshiping him.

Now, going back to all of the questions about OES that to some people seemed to remain inadequately answered, this may be the very reason why. This could be a tremendous lesson to anyone with a habit of making drastic decisions without thoroughly checking the facts first. There is one thing that they surely did not lie about which is being a secret society. Of course they would not want to make it any harder for them to get more people involved in the organization. In fact, the chief function of a Star chapter is to make more members. Everything else is inferior to that.

Submitted by:

Siobhan Gamble

Siobhan Gamble write for EarthFrisk, a social bookmarking and social media community where you can share links, vote on them, comment, explore the net, watch videos, share articles and create a community. Visit EarthFrisk Social Bookmarking



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