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Texas Vigilante Joe Horn - A Cold-Blooded Murderer! - Articles Surfing

Anybody who commits an act of theft of any kind belongs in jail.

Similarly, anyone who takes the law into his own hands even after being cautioned by law enforcement not to -- and then shoots anyone, including burglars, in the back, "for sport," unprovoked or just because he thinks he can get away with it (with the aid of public sentiment) -- is a cold-blooded murderer.

That's exactly what Joe Horn, a vigilante emboldened by the on-going "racist anti-immigrant" rhetoric did -- shoot unarmed burglars, who happened to be "Black Hispanic" immigrants, in the back, allegedly after a break-and-enter at his neighbor's house, in Pasadena, Texas -- The "Hanging" State.

Had Joe Horn witnessed them assaulting his neighbor, the use of deadly force would have been warranted...but even then, since the burglars were on their way out of the property, a warning shot followed by a "citizens arrest" would have been most appropriate under these circumstances, for after all, the police were on the way, and had already cautioned him numerous times to stay put!

A fellow author, Mr. Pantagruel looks at this incident in a simple but very insightful manner:

What if......

A man sees 2 guys leaving the neighbors house with what looks like a TV, and a big box of stuff. The man calls 9-11, and even against the warnings of the 9-11 operator, goes out and shoots the 2 guys dead! When the police show up, they arrest the man for murder! Those '2 guys' were just friends of the neighbor coming to get stuff that they had been storing there. OR.... What if the man misses, and kills a little kid?

The whole thing is a can of worms! That's why we have highly trained police officers to respond to the needs of the community. We don't need trigger happy bigots with a third grade education shooting at anybody they want! The only opportunity that Mr. Horn stumbled onto, is to go to prison for murder!

The audio below indicates that Joe Horn never bothered to issue a "Stop Thief" warning to the two burglars, but marched out of his house intent on killing the two with pre-meditation.

Here is the audio/video: [1]

Here's an excerpt from the transcript of Joe Horn's 911 call: [2]

Joe Horn took Texas justice into his own hands and committed pre-meditated murder, and he must be charged and prosecuted.

Even in Texas, the "Hanging" state, burglary is not punishable by "death by shotgun -- in the back."

That the two immigrants are "illegal" is irrelevant, unless it is okay to shoot anyone in the back because they are "illegal."

A human life is not "illegal" until it takes away another life with pre-meditation, therefore Joe HORN has rendererd himself "illegal" and should be put to death or imprisoned for life.

I guess in Texas, if you are an "illegal immigrant," your life is illegal too!, and Texas, a Republican state has laws which might just help this vigilante moron escape justice.

Compare HORN's incident to that a John White, 54,[3] a black man who shot a white boy in Brooklyn, New York, and who is being tried for manslaughter -- for defending his son against what he saw as a racist white mob.

....or the case of two Border Patrol agents[4] who attacked an unarmed border-crosser who was trying to surrender, shot at him 15 times and wounded him as he fled, then tampered with the crime scene and failed to report the shooting as required to their supervisors.

The self-ordained independent "Anti-Immigrant Populist Propagandist," CNN's and America's modern day Dr. Joseph Goebbels[5], who's latest book I hereby christen: "Independents Day - Awakening the American 'Racist' Spirit,"[6] describes these two as "outstanding Border Patrol agents," -- two "thugs in uniform" who were sentenced to terms of 11 and 12 years by a federal jury of their peers last October.

Lou Dobbs, the CNN anchor obsessed with undocumented immigration, parrots incessantly, almost everyday, about these two murderers -- in order to promote his racist agenda against immigrants. He has featured their case at least 131 times, including a one-hour special, according to the September issue of Texas Monthly. They've been glorified by anti-immigration websites and lionized by politicians like U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.)[7]. Even the American Freedom Riders, a nativist biker gang, calls them "persecuted."

All because the man shot by Ignacio "Nacho" Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean turned out to be a drug smuggler (although Ramos and Compean didn't know that when they opened fire on Feb. 17, 2005).

Numerous cases of vigilantism and racist attacks on immigrants go un-reported in the United States. Families of immigrants are being petrol bombed, threatened and killed by racist thugs. Immigrants(legal and "illegal") are under siege, and are terrified all over this land.

Nooses are appearing everywhere[8].

If Joe Horn goes unpunished...and as the Republican "Who Is The Meanest Anti-Immigrant" Presidential Candidate chest-thumping continues to escalate, much more worse things are likely to happen,... most of which will go un-reported[9].

As expected, Nazi Propagandist Lou Dobbs, last Thursday night, thrust himself in favor of Joe HORN -- essentially, he played these two snippets of the 911 call:

Horn: I'm doing this.
Horn: [yelling] Move, you're dead!
[Sound of shots being fired]

...then proceeded to "analyze" the shooting together with an obviously biased and "stage-managed" Texas police officer -- strenuously trying to twist the case in favor of Mr. Horn.

This stupid "hillbilly" must be punished to set an example to the rest who might want to do the same.

Even in the wildest of the "Wild-West," one never shot a thief in the back. A warning to "Drop It" was always given, followed by a "Fair" fight, if necessary -- shooting someone in the back without provocation, with malicious pre-meditation and "just because you could do it" -- was considered cold-blooded murder, and it still is today!

I really doubt if Mr. HORN would have shot burglars if they had been white -- for in these United States, per Leonard Pitts (columnist for The Miami Herald) -- "The idea that some of us are less than the rest of us, that some are roaches, vermin, viruses, parasites, infestations, beasts or sub-humans to whom no one owes no duty of human decency or commiseration, didn't start with the Nazis. It is as old as Cain, and as widespread as the common cold."

The decent thing that Mr. HORN should have done, was to let the police do their job, and not be judge, jury and executioner all at once.

Joe Horn is a despicable vigilante, a killer!,...emboldened by the vicious and uncouth "pandering" of Republican Presidential candidates to the racially intolerant one third of America.

SOURCES QUOTED IN ARTICLE: Supporting links to [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] may be found here:

Submitted by:

James Opiko

James Opiko -- Writes For AfroArticles.com and PoliticalArticles.NET Blog -- Get all blog posts at this location.



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