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The Attitude Of "beforehand" Planning And Failure Acceptance - Articles Surfing

If you search, then you'll never find a quality time if at the first place you have wasted it. Too much things to do is not an excuse to skip 'important' things from the etceteras: assignments over gimmicks, cough drops over R.H. (You know what I mean), jotting down notes during class discussions over the falling-in-line-at-the-photocopying-station dilemma, and saving the spare allowance over 'Ma, I need cash 'kuno'' and fast!'

College peoples like Engineering students (whom we know do lots of things than ordinary), should learn how to sketch their things-to-do list prior to dues. It is very impossible if one Engineering student cannot encounter such time when he/she runs out of good ideas and ended up crying at the top of bed still with the shoes on. There are times when we cannot enjoy eight hours sleep over projects and requirements, plus friends telling you, 'Hindi kasya ang books ko dito sa bag ko. Pwede pa-extra ng eyebags mo?' Still, we keep saying to ourselves that we're used to it. Or is it that, you haven't done your chores earlier or weeks before cut-off dates? It's very frustrating but almost all Engineers-to-be are that.

The end point of such mind-set is' tadahh! Failure. But there are some who winded up doing well, but make sure your 75-passing grade is 70 yours and 5 others, not the vise versa (you're nothing but a second rate trying hard copy cat!)

Failure, according to Reverend W.A. Nance, can be divided into those who thought and never did and into those who did and never thought.

As for me, it has been my routine to carry with me my Organizer on my bag. It occasionally feels very tiring for another carriage inside my bag in spite of my other books for Electronics and my two mobile phones everyday, but it is a relief not forgetting some things to be attended to for a day: club meetings, SPECTRUM deadlines, appointments with your instructor and others. Post-its are quite a good scheme, too. Sticking them at the monitor of your PC, or pinning them on your corkboards at home, or attaching them on the fridge door and scanning important notes before going to school. Mobile phone alarms may do (as long as you don't forget to say excuse to your teacher when your beeper rings in the middle of the class).


Don't be so reluctant of remembering things, small 'but important' things. Never let your classmates name you 'tanga-tanga.' If you want them not to call you that, be not one. Try to do things 'plantsado' before you go to bed. You must avoid looking petrified the next day from your forgetting to bring the report papers. Or you overlooked your notes for tomorrow's quiz because you have an exchange with watching your favorite teleserye watching Kristine Hermosa with her bangs 'na abot sa langit ka bag'.' No! Prioritize your priorities first. Go over your planner so you won't forget things for tomorrow. It's simple.

Be a good thinker and a doer.

Someone once told me that the world has two kinds of people: thinkers and doers. They then said, 'the thinkers need to do more, and the doers need to think more.' I have always tried to do both---reflect and act. When I have combined the two, I have reduced the odds of failure.

I've been dealing with three school papers this year: BITWISE, which I am the editor-in-chief, TCI and SPECTRUM where I both work as the Literary editor. To add, the ROOTS that is the Literary Folio of TCI and I am working on it as the editor. It's very hectic though and it's not a joke. But the key of doing the work well is enjoying the work. Plot dates for each task and make sure you perform each, even at partial. I have many deadlines to attend especially this year when we're having our Design Exhibits on February 24-26 at SM Davao. It has been every other day that I attend with my group doing follow-ups and editing, and re-editing the documentations and going home 3 o'clock in the morning and having a first period class by 8:30am. I only got 4 hours sleep and I end up 10 to 15 minutes late and haven't eaten breakfast.

Expect that kinds of things to happen and the better way to cope up is to adjust and don't be shy asking your classmates on the things you've missed. Kita kita lang man sab magtinabangay, 'diba? Then, when Friday comes, invite friends to have dinner with you at Win-An or treat yourselves with Lumi and Coke or Iced tea at Chery's. Chip in lang gud mo. Make it a 'friendly' habit.

During weekends, if you long to watch a movie at the mall, go and watch. If you want to go window-shop, you do so. Just don't spend too much (have it in mind that there's tomorrow and you might need cash for your amot-amot for the project). Leave a little money on your wallet and don't expect you parents to always give you allowance on the time you wanted. You might end up sliding your cash cards in the ATM and found out your account's empty and you start swearing you mother or your father of not giving you allowance. Wipe away the attitude of the excuse, 'Ma! Pa! Daghan man gyud mi gastuson sa skwelahan. Kamo daw mag Engineering lalim ba.' And you have the guts' Don't wait that your parents will answer you back, 'Ibta sa na imong uban unya kung pwede ba na ma prenda.' If you ask finances to your parents (especially those who stay in boarding houses), inform them beforehand, so that they may too, can plan. Dili basta-basta ang kwarta karon mga indoy, mga inday. 12% na baya ang VAT karon. Just kidding, but true.

Now, if you're graduating, don't be so overjoyed 'sa humot sa toga', that you are trying to forget about paper works, assignments and deadlines. There're still paper works, assignments, and deadlines and terror bosses. Don't carry your attitude of not planning beforehand. You might come to your cubicle the next day your things are already inside the please-leave boxes and your boss's lips curling from rage and even at 50 meters you could read his lips saying, 'You're Fired!' Don't make yourself look so pitiful and you wishing, 'Lupa, lamunin mo ako!'

Take the challenge. Light the fire of eagerness and willingness. Be not so 'kumpyansa' about everything. Accept constructive criticisms and opinions. Recognize failures, and make them your teaching experiences. Do the best you can. Learn to plan. Plan earlier. Learn that, the easiest way to failure, according to Bill Cosby, is to please everyone. The best way to success is not just to please everyone, but also to exhaust all means. Alamin mo kung ano ang tama (parang RH kumbag').

Lastly, the best way to find for a helping hand is to look at the end of your arm. It's so simple. Try to do early planning after you read this article. It's not that complicated though.

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Bitwise Uic

UIC Bitwise is the Official Student Publication of the Computer Engineering Department of the University of the Immaculate Conception, Davao City



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