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Deprive a human being of comfort, connection and love and you breed conditions for hatred, separation and war.

In times of war, often individuals are challenged to follow innate soul coding for compassion and tolerance or are compelled to follow the separatist beliefs of our cultural leaders. Many American soldiers went to war with a very noble idea to 'defend the country'. But to defend against anything existent in this world is to behave with a perception that another's behavior is somehow 'wrong'.

While terrorism is an extremely ugly human behavior and can be deemed an evil deed, it also speaks to the deplorable conditions that millions of people must live in. Behavioral terrorism is a symptom of the collective human reality of total despair and lost hope. Despair becomes an invisible, internal perception when outer circumstances of physical suffering continue without any release from it.

Rather than seek to defend against perceived future attacks, perhaps we should seek greater awareness of the immense human suffering that occurs, which encourages terrorist-like thinking and suicide bombings. For millions of those who choose peace there seem equal amounts that choose war or (to defend). But it is very easy to choose peace when one lives a relatively peaceful life with many creature comforts. It is a far greater challenge to remain peace minded and compassionate when one is constantly starving and cold.

Who is right when we choose the concept of war? Rightness seems to be the focus of the argument as opposed to choosing to step to a greater level of awareness where ideas can be implemented in order to create balance for the 'whole'. Individual to individual, neighbor to neighbor, community to community and finally, nation to nation we have created explosive conditions that result in rageful and seemingly senseless attacks upon one another. What is actually occurring here and how do we effectively alter such behavior?

Metaphysically speaking, there is nothing senseless about rage. It can be a very effective wake up call when all other efforts to balance have failed. Most people do not want to face negative things in the moments that they are brewing and therefore they continue to ignore signs until rage from some source emerges. Rage is energy and since we are energy beings, we naturally react to the expression of it. It serves a very specific purpose in that as one explodes in rage, an energetic shift is forced upon all. All must change. It is not a very evolved way to change, yet were we all evolved enough to pay attention when the small signs of discomfort pointed to an initial imbalance, we would not even experience rage. There would be no grounds for rage to build.

In the case of a terrorist attack, suddenly unsuspecting and innocent individuals are forced to endure the exact conditions that millions of others have been forced to live within for generations. Squalor, constant hunger, rubble and destruction of life properties are not a joy for any human being to experience.

Camp Kosovo vs. Camp Ikea Couch

While many Americans sit in homes with computers, washing machines and TV's, other American's don't. Simultaneously, on the other side of our globe, millions of human beings sit in cement squalor, barely able to feed themselves. The global imbalances have manifested into extreme conditions all over the globe.

An individual snacking on potato chips watching Sunday night football can't possibly begin to comprehend what it feels like to sit in stone silence and in rags, with a fly infested foot wound and a stomach growling from hunger. The emotional disassociation from the very true reality of so many others on our planet is one part component of the 911 rage attack we experienced. On a metaphysical level, what is psychically ignored will physically manifest again and again until cosmic order and balance is restored. Do YOU think you are somehow separate from the ill willed behavior of others?

Take The Psychic WARFARE Test

We have ALL had a hand in creating this world's turmoil. We simply trick ourselves to believe this is not so. If you believe you are above war-like mentality, feel free to take our little test to see just how emotionally evolved you truly are.

How many people have thought, spoken or believed one or more of these sentences?

1. All immigrants should speak English to live here.
2. Violence comes from the 'bad' side of town.
3. My children go to private school, the education is better.
4. Terrorists are evil people.
5. Men are dogs.
6. Racial prejudice has held me back.
7. Customer service sucks.
8. It is a dog eat dog world.
9. I can't get ahead because others have thwarted me.
10. Those fanatic religious neighbors erected another shrine in their yard.
11. Good people go to Heaven, bad people go to Hell.
12. We take care of our own; all others should do the same.
13. Blacks shouldn't be marrying whites.
14. Our neighborhood is turning into a human zoo.
15. Sex-ual relations with others while married is not cheating.
16. Screw them before they screw you.
17. The nanny did it, it's my wife's fault, that damn boss of mine!
18. If our government builds weapons, we can't stop 'em.
19. Who says I don't listen'I'm talking to ya right now!
20. It's not our co.'s fault a rep sold you the wrong product.
21. Because the other jerk didn't do his job, I can't do mine.
22. Having depression is just an excuse not to go to work.
23. If you don't like the way I'm talking, get out of my face.
24. Whatever.
25. Americans will not tolerate terrorism. We are at WAR.
26. If those idiots want to play war, let 'em kill each other.
27. I don't care what they do; they don't live in my yard.
28. Family'we stick together cuz nuttin's thicker than blood.
29. We take care of our own'fuck the rest.
30. I didn't do it, I'm not to blame.

If you have thought, spoken or believed just one sentence listed above, YOU are part and participant in perpetuating a pattern of separative thought waves on Planet Earth.

War is very simply psychic human energy building up to such intense pressure that a physical manifestation (explosion) of these invisible energies BECOMES an inevitable physical event. Humans for the most part, in their fear of stepping beyond the 'known' discomforts of life, cling to the blame game and then fail to understand why they cannot rise above the cyclical racial, holy and political wars they find themselves in. Through WAR we face each other as manifested mirrors of one another's thoughts. A WAR is just a physical counterpart of our unseen and untended negative thought waves.

What many human beings cannot let go of is an invisible psychic-based perceptual idea that keeps them bound in the reality of war. This is because most human beings are taught to live in very, very shallow and small minded realities. Most people can barely think beyond themselves and their immediate desires.

For the majority of humans a basic life consists of family members, a few friends, a few co-workers and a few neighbors'period. Most human activity revolves around a full time job, weekend fun with friends, spending the paycheck at the mall or saving up for one or two big ticket items, such as a home or new car. Human beings become so accustomed to their very small realities that it takes great effort to look up and over the protective walls of their lives to see other realities. Most of these other realities come to them in the form of media advertisements, TV sitcoms, magazines and commercials.

But what takes place in the next yard and the yard over, and the yard over from that is directly reflective of what we do in our own yards. When our children shoot other children in a local school, those children are acting out in response to the emotional and energetic environment that adults have created for those children to live in - on a collective energetic level. Because we don't understand how our personal energy lends to a neighborhood, we act shocked when a violent event occurs.

There are signs of trouble everywhere. But most adults have been improperly educated and therefore most look out only for themselves. Few are even able to look up and over the reality fence at what's brewing next door. Then everyone claims surprise when violence suddenly occurs. This is the epitome of human irresponsibility and societally engineered human ignorance. What we psychically ignore, manifests for us to physically SEE.

Physically balancing our world conditions is a strange paradox, for in most religious world teachings, in many biblical passages and through historically known philosophical teachings, there is the repeated theme of silent bravery, or stoic heroism; where individuals have stood up against all odds to the masses on nothing other than invisible principles of behavioral goodness.

As humans, we adore these stories of human heroism and we often preach these stories in our churches and schoolrooms. We make movies portraying brave heroes whose stellar human behaviors lead others to eventual peace or happy endings. As always, these heroes face deeply challenging emotional conflicts, whereas most are forced to make a choice to stand out alone in a crowd or to make moral and ethical decisions at great sacrifice to themselves. As much as we create these stories over and over again in TV shows and motion pictures, we continually miss the value of these stories when faced with the reality of these very same challenges in our daily lives.

WAR is nothing other than INVISIBLE and distorted human emotional compulsions driven to 'pure physicality' on a global level. It is not the answer to let our government agencies fire bombs on innocent people ANYWHERE in the world. We all innately know that. But the dilemma lies not in our government's actions. It lies in the people's refusal to stand up and take action individually, every day and in every moment of their lives. Human evolution does not occur through our elected governments. It occurs via masses of human beings acting in compassionate ways despite the many opportunities afforded us to participate in behavioral ill will or retaliation.

Why don't more people take positive and individual actions toward better human relations? One reason is simply pure confusion. But apathy sits along with confusion at the top of the excuse pile. It is the very dilemma of confusion, lack of individuated responsibility and human bodies working against human bodies that perpetuates repeating conditions of disharmony. People have completely forgotten that they are souls encapsulated in 'human form'. In situations of mass hysteria, human beings loose sight of their 'soul responsibility' to uphold structural integrity for the planet.

The only manner in which humans can collectively begin to heal is via understanding their invisible psychic heritage. This invisible reality exists. Our thoughts and feelings count. When multitudes of humans are in despair, that invisible energy does not stay in one region. It moves because it is a psychic-based energy pattern. Energies tend to build, so if negative energy collects, it will drift to a like source until enough of it has built up that a physical event occurs. Our melting polar caps affect the condition of our Caribbean seas. All energy on planet Earth moves. Human despair in one part of the world cannot be ignored by another part.

There are solutions, even if the effects will not be seen immediately. Choosing to re-educate ourselves to our true psychic heritage where humans can begin to perceive each other as souls, rather than as races, is one step. Choosing to take daily responsibility for ones negative thoughts, separatist emotions and consequent actions is another. Choosing to let go of our fixation on the acquisition of money or things, especially when it injures others in the process is yet another way to lessen the grounds for world war.

Taking a more expansive view of how war among human beings develops from the invisible thoughts and emotions is a brave step toward adopting advanced behavioral shifts that include compassion, patience and tolerance. Since most of our storybook or biblical heroes practice such behaviors, perhaps there is 'something' to those stories. Perhaps we should read them again and again until we ourselves begin to behave as consistently compassionate, patient and tolerant individuals to the despair and pain we have not ourselves personally experienced.

Submitted by:

Viva Dana

Viva Dana is a metaphysical researcher and psychic heritage pioneer. For more information on human evolution, the psychic components of our living reality and soul purpose, visit http://www.starkittys.com and http://www.bluechakra.blogspot.com



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