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The Truth About "Work-From-Home" Searches - Articles Surfing

From my personal calculations, on past searches for "work from home" jobs available. I have found very few to be lucrative, feasible or even legitimate for that matter.This is not to accenuate that NONE are; Simply from my opinion MOST aren't.

Another thing about the searches I'd noticed is that, when accessing the search engines for "work from home companies".... Is that most of the companies will present you with a survey (contact) questionaire to fill out before actually exposing what the opportunity is all about. Now, ofcourse when you are contacted on the phone by the "work-from-home" represenative; You will often-times realize that it is not actually the type of represenative you'd expected. Why because you have "A business recruiter" NOT a "J-O-B recruiter on the line and in the back of your head you are thinking...."Is this what I requested"...or How did thes guys get my number?

Ofcourse not the Recruiter you ordered...But have you taken time to generally think and realize that the whole mentality of your searches turns out to be all about.. A Business, which is absolutely Great, ofcourse IF this is what you are looking for and who knows you might even "pinch yourself" and realize, maybe this is the not a bad option afterall!

At this point you might start asking yourself? Hmmm.., but can I really afford a Business? Can I afford to upset a "programmed balanced" life...of... (employment... making someone else rich or dreams come true)? Can I afford the time to make this career move of working a business that allows me to spend more time with my family/friends? Can I afford o sacrifice, hard work and "sweat" it takes to produce a great lifestyle for my family? Can I afford the money it takes to maintain A business that will eventually pay for itself...due to my work and energy....that will actually allow me to experience financial freedom?

Can I afford to continue to live in a daze of reluctance and fear and to continually "rob" myself of an opportunity to excell and acheive success? Can I afford to make such a move knowing my friends might possibly ridicule or tease me because of a move THEY deem "not so great"....Oh yes, and bearing in mind... that those very friends throwing negative insights ...might possibly live "pay check-to-paycheck but actaully feel justified enough to crash your growth and rain on the parade...Whoa...can I honestly afford to give my friends that much power? Due to all the other "things" going on in my life...Can I even afford the time? Can I afford the time ofcourse to invest on my family and self for a change, doesn't my faimily deserve the time? Can I afford to NOT afford just a bit of time, if it means; having an abundance of time?

After the Can I's are well thought out....Again think....Now Can I take time to thoroughly invest sound opportunities to see if whatever it is...will be suitable for me...Can I atleast take time to investigate and think about what It is I really Want NOT You? Can I even search on until I find the perfect legitimate match or niche for me? Can I atleast be open and free to explore? Can I pray and ask God to give me the wisdom and knowledge to make the wisest and best choices for ME? Can I Please....Can I ?

~My opinion, to "Can I" is you most certainly can; Only if YOU allow yourself to do so.~

Now to get back on track here...I personally think the Engines should be more Search Friendly to specifically Acess people to their Specific Search Choices. Now, would this have much to do with the.... search key words/ optimization ...as contributing factors...are we lead this way because realistically this is All available. Okay...strike this one, and might I just add I hope everyone suceed in whatever they feel best for them whether it be a J-O-B or a Business. In closing, if you took the time to read this and weave through all the grammatical errors to atleast accomplish a fraction of my message intended...then thanks.

Coffee is still "brewing" over at monster.com and careerbuilders.com; But as for me...I will be having Tea at home.

Submitted by:

Beverly Smith

Beverly Smith,IBO http://www.freedomathometeam.com/40416148 http://www.deliveringonthepromise.com/40416148



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