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What The Hell Is Wrong With Our Judicial System? - Articles Surfing

Far too many things to put into one message like this. Let's see if we can list a few...

Zero Tolerance - This is a sham on many levels. what brainiac contrived this crap? What we're stuck with here is a point system. A mathematical point system that a third grader could manage. So why do we need Judges? If you are charged with a crime, that crime is worth X points, if you used a weapon to commit the crime, add on X more points. If you have a criminal record add on x more points... when all is said and done... add up the points and look on the sentencing graph - x points equals x punishment. That's it... no leeway, no "extenuating circumstances", leniency, no judging.... What is a Judge to do?

Last week a little girl was suspended from her grade school because she carried a purse to school that had a chain for a handle. A Second Grader! Chains, you know, are on the public school's list of weapons... so - Zero Tolerance - she's out!

3 Strike and You're Out! - Wow, you've heard the stories. A poor starving chap steals a loaf of bread, or a mom steals a coat for her child.... and boom - many years in prison, because it was the third strike! Nothing to do with the crime and it's effect on the victim (if there IS a victim)... just sorry - 3rd time - you're out!

A chart however, cannot make decisions upon right or wrong or even degrees thereof. That is left up to a Judge. But, a Judge is a person... not a machine, and not intelligent enough to know everything about about a person in order to make decisions effecting that person or other individuals (none of us are). But it is our system and we're stuck with it.

So what happens if you're forced to go before a Judge who knows nothing about you, your experiences, your knowledge, your problems, your extenuating circumstances? What if the Judge knows nothing about the subject of your dispute? Why can he then be a Judge for making a decision that will effect your entire life? And the saddest thing of all... while you have to live with that decision, the Judge will have forgotten all about you by dinner time! And for the Judge... life goes on its merry way!

What has gotten me so riled up? A Judge in Pennsylvania has determined that Poker is a game of chance, NOT SKILL!

He apparently has never played the game...EVER! This could spell real trouble for those of us who play the game. Its ramifications will be felt throughout the country and for a very long time (if not forever). He decided that the outcome of a particular hand of Poker is dictated by the luck of the draw... the cards that you and your opponents received... and nothing more!

You know as well as I that this is CRAP! If what that Judge decided was true, Poker would become as popular as flipping a coin for profit (only a lot slower).

Read the story here: http://tinyurl.com/2ljfcc

Is this a "death blow" to Poker? to online gambling? to Poker rooms throughout the country?

You know, there are just too many laws! I'm sick and tired of being told what to do, how to do it, how not to do it, when, where, which, who and on and on....

What is going to stop this mania? When does adult decisions of right and wrong supplant restrictions to them?

Why can't we just be left alone?

Thanks for listening.. I've gotta go now, it's time to play Poker and I hope it's not too late!

Submitted by:

Buzz B Berkeley

Buzz B Berkeley is on a tirade... I love gambling and don't want anything to interfere with our right to gamble. I want to hear your opinion of this article. Go to my blog The Buzz Awards and then click on "Gambling Blog" and post your reply.



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