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Who Is Jane Roberts & What Is The Seth Material?

Jane Roberts was an American author and poet born May 8, 1929. She channeled an energy personality, which she named Seth. She went on to publish numerous books, which were the result of her channeling Seth. She also authored novels, short stories and children�s books.

How did the Seth Material come about? Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts started to experiment with a Ouija board. This was part of her husband�s research on a book about ESP. On December 2, 1963, they started to receive messages that were coherent. These were from a male personality they called Seth. Jane and her husband then began to record these messages. For the next 21 years, they recorded the sessions, and eventually Jane Roberts was able to dictate the messages herself without the use of a Ouija board. The messages from this Seth personality consisted mostly of monologues that covered various topics. This is what is known as the Seth Material.

In 1970, this Seth personality started to dictate his own books. These include Seth Speaks, The Nature of the Psyche, The Nature of Personal Reality, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, and The Unknown Reality. Seth has described himself as an �energy personality essence no longer focused in physical reality�. Seth said that he had completed his earthly reincarnations and that he was speaking to us through an adjacent plane of existence, which he also called �universe� or a �system of reality�.

What does the Seth Material teach? The Set Material covers a variety of topics that include the teaching that the physical universe is just one of a myriad of universes or �systems of reality�. Some of these are physical like ours, while others are spiritual or mental. Others are completely foreign to our human concepts. Each of these universes has their own natural laws and they are just as valid as the others. Our universe has many probable renditions as well.

It goes on to teach that any action or event which is likely to occur in one probable universe or system of reality will be actualized in another probable universe. You could also think of it in terms that it will be actualized in the dream universe. Seth gives examples of universes in which dinosaurs are still alive and other universes in which Christianity did not develop.

Seth goes on to explain that each individual has many counterparts within the probable renditions of their universe. Not all of these counterparts have the same name or personal relationships. He also goes on to explain that all universes are camouflages to some extent, because all beings have an existence that is not dependent on any one system. How many systems of reality or universes are there? The number is infinite. This is because new universes and systems come into existence constantly. There is no such thing as a closed system because energy and information passes through all of them.

All in all, reading the Seth Material can help broaden your thinking and expand your consciousness. It may even help you to have more ideas of creativity and view life and reality in a different way.

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