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7 Breastfeeding Myths Dispelled!

Despite the tons of scientific literature available, these breastfeeding myths are a cause of concern for every nursing mother.Read on to see a few common myths dispelled.

Myth #1

"My breasts will sag if I breast-feed"

Not true! Pregnancy does bring about some changes in the breast (Yes, that one is not a myth). But breastfeeding does not play a big role in determining the future shape of your breasts.

Heredity, your body type and excessive weight gain or loss, have a role to play. In fact, breastfeeding helps the uterus to rapidly revert back to its original size, utilizes body reserves as calories for your baby, acts as a natural contraceptive and is scientifically known to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Myth #2

"I don't have enough milk"

Perhaps you spend sleepless nights on this one.

Most women produce enough milk for their babies. During the first few days, you will produce 'colostrum' in small quantities, rich in vitamins, proteins and infection fighting agents. Until you start making 'breast milk' colostrum fulfills all your baby's needs. Find out if you are getting enough milk.

If you think your baby is not gaining enough weight it is perhaps because he is poorly latched onto the breast. Get some tips to make breastfeeding a breeze.

Myth #3

"I can't breastfeed if I have to go back to work"

You can! In fact, breastfeeding gives you that special opportunity for bonding with your baby, when you get back from work. Breast fed babies are known to be healthier than formula fed babies causing their mothers to miss work less often.

Pumping breast milk is another option. Many companies now support nursing breaks and also provide facilities like lactation rooms for mothers to pump milk in privacy.

Learn more ways to tackle this issue in Breast feeding and Getting back to work.

Myth #4

Modern formula is as good as breast milk.

Nothing can beat the original. Human milk contains live cells, antibodies that avert infections, enzymes, hormones and many other vital ingredients that cannot be cooked up by any formula company.

Unlike formula, breast milk is made especially to suit your baby's needs any time. It is always fresh and comes safely packaged too.

Myth #5

I should stop breastfeeding if my baby has diarrhea or vomiting

Breastfeeding is the best treatment for any intestinal infection. Usually no other fluids are required for a baby with diarrhea, if he breast feeds adequately. Make sure you know how to tell the difference between various types of infant poop.

Myth #6

A breastfeeding baby needs extra water in hot weather.

Breast milk contains all the water a baby needs, in any weather. Make sure you get enough fluids though. Never allow yourself to get to the point of feeling thirsty. Hydration is crucial to producing sufficient breast milk.

Myth #7

Frequent breastfeeding initiates obesity in children

On the contrary, over enthusiastic formula feeding and early weaning off breast milk are more likely to promote obesity in later life. Breast fed babies learn to regulate their own feeding pattern and consume only what they need.

Submitted by:

Michelle Higgins

Michelle Higgins

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