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A Bad Naming Trend

Ever hear a name you just thought sounded perfect, that you just loved to say over and over again, but then you realized what it meant and couldnít help but cringe a bit? If you answered no, then a very lucky person. If you answered yes, then youíve been one of many to notice and experience this new trend in naming. Donít get sucked in to it. Think wisely before you make a name.

There are three important factors to a name. First is how it sounds. This is obviously important because your child will have to hear this when people talk or refer to them. Second is how it is written. Again, this is similar in how it sounds because the name will be written in many different situations, ranging from school work to business and legal work and everything in between. Lastly is what it means, if anything. The growing trend to just focus on the sound.

This is a bad decision. You canít truly decide a good name just by how it sounds. To look past the other two could put your child at a great risk of humiliation, teasing and jokes for a good portion of their childhood. You donít want them named after a word that could make others laugh and insult them. You donít want to already give them a bad start at life just because you donít fully consider the possibilities of a name.

Children are even being named after diseases these days. Itís true even though it might seem quite odd and disturbing. Would you really want to be named after a disease you have to take medication to battle and could even die for just because it sounds good when you say it? It doesnít matter if you change a few letters, itís still obvious what the child is named after. If someone is really considering doing this, they should really be considering being a parent a lot more than they have.

Maybe youíre not the one having the child. Maybe itís a friend or family member and they want you to comment on the names they are considering. Hopefully they are all good and well-though out names, but if there is even one bad one, one odd and potentially humiliating one, donít be afraid to shoot it down quickly. You shouldnít let that idea stay alive any longer than it already has. Think of the potential childís life you could be making better just by standing up to a bad name.

Most people tend to keep it safe and stick to common names. Nothing wrong with this. Just remember though, that if you do decide to try something new, creative and original, that you have really thought about what the word actually means and not just how it sounds. You donít want to give them a reason to go to therapy right after their birth. You will have plenty of time doing that as they grow up.

Submitted by:

Jake Rose

Jake Rose is an artist and author on Writing.Com which is located at http://www.Writing.Com/ and is accessible by anyone.


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