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Baby Monitors Give Parents Peace Of Mind

Years ago, parents kept track of their babies by waiting for them to cry out and then checking on them. At one time, it was even advised by the experts not to check in too often, but to stick to a rigid schedule. Times have certainly changed. Now days there are monitors which will let parents listen in to the baby�s room so they will know if he is awake or asleep. They can also utilize a video monitor to keep the baby in sight while he is in his crib. They can even set up the monitors to spy on the babysitter.

It is no wonder baby monitors are so popular. They are actually quite handy devices. Now a mother can put the baby to sleep in a room upstairs and go about her day downstairs or outside and still be able to listen in on the baby to know when he wakes up or starts to cry.

The baby monitor is a simple device and is inexpensive and has become a common piece of baby equipment just like a changing table and stroller. A baby monitor has a one way speaker that lets parents listen in to their baby�s room so they can hear all his sounds from anywhere in the house. It definitely gives new parents peace of mind and saves many trips sneaking a peak at the baby to make sure he is still in the crib and okay.

In addition to the audible baby monitor, parent�s can also choose to install a baby cam. This will allow them to watch video of the sleeping child. They can even set up the baby cam to watch the babysitter take care of their baby, and keep an eye on the cam while at work or anywhere there is a computer connection. Some of the baby cams are so small, the babysitter would have no idea she was being watched.

Another type of alarm will emit a sound when the baby makes a noise. This type of baby monitor is handy if the parents are taking a nap or sleeping at night and are afraid they will not hear the baby cry.

There are even high tech medical alarms for newborn babies that sound an alarm when the baby stops breathing. This type of alarm is used for babies that are at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or who have had incidences of apnea (cessation of breathing) in the hospital. Apnea is not uncommon in certain medical conditions or if the baby was born very prematurely. An apnea baby monitor is connected to the baby�s chest and when the movement stops, then the unit will sound an alarm and the parents, or the nurse, simply jiggle the baby until he starts breathing again. Newborn babies would have to remain in the hospital for much longer periods of time if it weren�t for the availability of apnea monitors.

The baby monitor in all it various styles and applications serves a very useful purpose in monitoring the baby and giving parents peace of mind. Parents of years gone by might just shake their heads at such baby monitoring technology, and advise parents not to worry so much about their sleeping bundle of joy because when he wakes up, he will definitely let everyone in the house know he needs some attention.

Submitted by:

Anne Morris

Anne Morris is an established freelance writer. You can find more of her writing at http://www.adoption-matters.com and http://www.baby-today.com.


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