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8 Simple Easy Ways On How To Potty Train Your Child - Articles Surfing

How on Potty Training Your Child

Is potty training your child not going well? Some children are very interested in being potty trained while other children will fight you all the way. You will know when your child is ready to start potty training. Hopefully these tips will help both you and your child make potty training easier.

1. Around the age of two start introducing your child to the potty. Buy a potty chair or a potty seat that will fit over your normal sized toilet. Make sure it has a shield in front if you are potty training a boy so you do not end up with urine everywhere. Pick a weekend that you will have lots of extra time and move the potty chair into the room where the child will primarily be. If the child wants, let them run around in just a shirt and leave the diaper off. You can put underwear on the child if they feel more comfortable that way. The child will never catch on if you keep them in a diaper. They need to feel the urine running down their legs see that they are making a mess.

2. Your schedule needs to be cleared before the child has started the potty training process. When you know that you don't have any upcoming trips, houseguests, or a move to a different house planned then that would be a great time to start potty training your little one. Consider starting the training process on a long holiday weekend when you are able to clear all other plans.

3. Knowing what words you are going to use with your child when describing their body parts, urine and bowel movements is important. Using words such as 'dirty', 'unclean' or 'naughty' can have a negative effect on your child. You don't want them to feel bad or ashamed. Use matter-of-fact terms when talking about urine and bowel movements.

4. Explain 'the baby is going to use the potty' by using your child's favorite action figure or doll on a make believe potty chair. Use diapers on a stuffed bear they really like and then use underwear when the bear has graduated to that level.

5. Help your child understand the positive things about being potty trained. Explain how they won't have diaper rashes any longer, they will not have to lose any playtime to have their diaper changed and how great it will make them feel to be dry and clean all the time. Potty training is an important part of growing up and you need to help your child realize that.

6. Potty training can be better understood by your child if you use videos and books to help explain the process. Use the internet as a tool to find one of the many books or videos out there. To help pass the time let your child look at their favorite book while using the potty chair.

7. A positive way to start potty training is to declare a potty day. Your child has chosen this day to start being potty trained. Circle that day on the calendar with marker and keep letting your child know that 'potty day' is coming soon.

8. Do you have problems with your little one unrolling the toilet paper? It is suggested that you crunch the cardboard inside so it is not longer circular. This prevents your child from unrolling the toilet paper so easily.

It will take several tries for your child to get the hang of what they are supposed to be doing. Don't get frustrated and know that your child will soon successful at the potty training process.

Submitted by:

Robert Michael

Robert Michael is a writer for hbbabies.comwhich is an excellent place to find babies links,resources and articles. For more information go to:http://www.hbbabies.com



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