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A Top Ten Baby Name Or Something More Original

Deciding what to name your baby can start of as an exciting aspect of pregnancy but after trawling through thousands of baby names it can all start to become rather daunting. However, as you near your baby�s birth you have to make that final decision and make your choice. Going for one of the top ten baby names can often seem a sensible way to go, after all lots of people like them so why shouldn�t it be a good choice for your child. But what you have to remember is because lots of people like the top ten baby names there are an awful lot of children with the same name.

There are no half measures in finding that ideal baby name that will become an intrinsic part of your child�s very identity. People will judge your child by their name if you get your baby�s name wrong you could be saddling them with years of bullying or could prevent them from reaching their full potential. With such a responsibility resting on your shoulders it is very easy to take the easy way out and choose a name from the top ten baby names list.

You may have very strong views as to whether your baby should be given a name from the top 10 baby names list or if you should call your baby something more unusual but your must take care in not forcing your opinions on your partner and pushing them down a route that they don�t like.

Look for a name where you can reach some common ground even if the both of you have to reach some kind of compromise but don�t ever forget the fact that it�s your baby and your baby alone who has to live with the name you choose for their whole life. You have to make that decision as to whether your child will be happy being one of a crowd with one of the ten most popular names of the time or whether they would prefer to appear more unique or unusual with a name that is a little different. The top ten baby names are a safe bet, there is little to dislike about them other than their popularity but they have a very great downside in that so many people will bear the same name.

If you are finding it difficult to make the decision then don�t try and make it alone, involve your family to see what kind of names they would go for and test some favourite names out on family and friends to gauge their reaction. If you don�t want to select a top ten baby name and really want to go with a more unusual baby name perhaps consider one that can be shortened to something more common.

If unusual or unique is the way you decide to go try and avoid �fad� names and always consider possible nicknames. Take into consideration how a name might be perceived by others, check initials and make sure your chosen baby name is a good fit with your surname. Don�t go for a name just to keep the family happy, names of parents, grandparents or great aunt �whoevers� aren�t necessarily in keeping with modern times.

At the end of the day whatever baby name you choose, unusual, unique or top 10 it will bring special meaning to your very special unborn child.

Submitted by:

Terry Ross

Visit my website to learn more about baby names, pregnancy and baby care.


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