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Baby Name. Who Else Wants To Name Their Baby Apple? - Articles Surfing

Hopefully nobody, as this name unfortunately totals a number that indicates relationship problems, misfortune and bad luck. And that's not according to some new 'name meanings' list, but an Ancient Scientific Name Analysis System that has been used since ancient Egyptian times when it was used solely for the naming of the Royal Children, to ensure they had the best possible traits for their life.

These days, very few people are choosing their baby names with a scientific strategy! Many will choose a name based on a name they like the sound of (which may turn out to be a good thing if you have good intuition), or after a favourite relative, or after a relative who would be upset if their name wasn't used! Or perhaps the baby name will be influenced by the latest 'popular' baby names, or you will name your baby after a singer, actor or other celebrity that you like.

So, all-in-all it's a bit of a lottery as to what name your baby ends up with. Maybe you have heard that a particular name apparently means 'child of joy' or some other such phrase. That is all well and good, but it doesn't tell you anything about the personality traits of that name, or the health issues connected with the name, or whether the letters in the name are positive for your child or negative. (Every letter of a name also has a meaning). It also doesn't tell you whether the name is a good match with the surname you have, and this is vital. Here is an example of what I mean. If the first name you choose for your baby indicates a very outgoing, fun-loving personality, but your surname indicates very introvert qualities, then sooner or later your child may experience behavioural and personality problems as these two extremes create conflict and discord. You may know someone yourself who can be extrovert one minute and moody and withdrawn the next. This can obviously create relationship problems. Will their future partner fall in love with the extrovert side or the introvert side? And what happens when the other side comes out?

Let's look at the letters in a name briefly. Some letters like C and G for instance are positive, while the letter H brings 8 years of stress and strain at various times throughout the life, and this can be pinpointed via the date of birth. U brings losses. F brings a tendency for concealment.

What you ideally need is a name for your baby that complements the surname, totals a number that brings good personality traits and has predominantly positive letters. (I can advise on all these).

To give you some food for thought about how a name can affect someone's life, here are the names of some famous, successful people who have a different name today to the one they were born with. Cilla Black, John Wayne, Bono, Elton John, Englebert Humperdink. The latter is a particularly interesting one. Englebert's former name was Jerry Dorsey, yet he had no success as a singer with that name in spite of the fact that he toured all the pubs and clubs for 16 years. It was only after he changed his name that he went on to have number one hit records, international success and wealth, and he is still releasing records today all these decades later (so his unusual new name didn't simply create a one-hit wonder). The key to his new name is the fact that, according to the system I use, it totals a number that brings success in Entertainment! (I think that was just down to luck or good intuition in this case, I'm not aware of him having had Name Analysis!) Would the other celebrities have had the same success with their former names? We will never know, but I can't imagine Elton being an International Star as a Reg Dwight!

For more information about Name Analysis, it's history, what it can do for you and importantly how I can help you give your baby the best name to help them have a happy, well-balanced life, please visit my website.

Submitted by:

Joanna Payge

I am a Name Analyst and have been successfully analysing adult and baby names for over 7 years, worldwide. I am also a Feng Shui consultant.http://www.babynamemeaning.co.uk My blog is at http://babynamemeanings.blogspot.com



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