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Child Safety And Child Protection: Easy Steps You Can Take Part 2 Of 3 - Articles Surfing

Were back, and in this lesson were going to discuss some easy child safety techniques you can teach your child to stay safe when your out and about in public, or when he/she might find themselves alone. But before we get started here's an interesting but frightening fact: Did you know that a child becomes missing, abducted, or lost about EVERY 40 seconds! Keep reading and let's do our best to keep your child safe today, and make sure that he/she is going to come home!

Let's get started...

This one is VERY important! If you become seperated from your child, he/she needs to know to never look for you if they become lost while shopping or in a public place. Instead, they need to go to the nearest checkout counter, security office, or lost and found, and tell the person in charge that she has lost his/her mom or dad and needs help in finding them. And they should NEVER go to a parking lot without you.

Teach your child the importance of the "buddy system." To walk and play with others. If your child walks to school, have them walk woth other children. A child is most vulnerable when alone.

Your child needs to understand and realize that adults do not usually ask children for directions or help, but should be asking other adults. If someone in a car should stop to ask for directions, they should not go near the car.

Should your child notice someone following them on foot or in a car, to immediately go to a place where there are other people - to a neighbor's home or into a store, for instance - and ask for help. They should not go near the car to talk to anyone inside and should NOT try to hide behind tree's or bushes. They should NEVER hide!

Children need to be aware that no one should ever be asking them to help look for a "lost puppy" or telling them that either of his/her parents are in trouble and that they will take them to mom or dad.

It's so important they understand the safety rules with cars! They need to NEVER go near a car with someone in it or to get into a car without your permission. Your child should learn who's car they are allowed to ride in. Warn you child that someone might try to lure them into the car by telling them you said to pick him/her up; tell him/her never to obey instructions like these. Instead, they should go back to the school for help. Teach your child a "code word" that is only known among family members. Stress to your child that anyone offering a ride unexpectedly-even a family friend will have been given the code word in advanced.

- We will be devoting a whole article on the "code word" technique. it has saved alot of lives and realy works! Keep an eye out for it!

Finally, your child should ALWAYS tell you if someone offers him/her gifts, drugs, or wants to take their picture.

In the next article in the series "Child Safety and Child Protection: Easy Steps You Can Take" - Part 3 of 3. We will discuss what your child needs to know when they are in the supervision or care of other people and adults. Most child abductions are perpetrated by people that your child already knows and is familiar with. It's important they understand what to do, and how to handle themselves. So until next time...

Have a very safe day!

Submitted by:

Thomas Trotts

Thomas Trotts is a Child Safety Expert, dedicated to providing quality Child Protection Services, Resources for parents and families. Free Gift and more: Alert Child, USA



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