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7 Dog Behaviour Questions Answered

Our beloved dogs can behave in a manner that leaves us completely amazed. This is especially true for new dog owners. Why do they behave they way they do? This little guide will help you answer some of these questions.

1. My dog eats the cat�s poop from the litter box

I agree that this is truly bizarre. The explanation for this behavior is that since cats eats foods rich in protein, their stool has high protein content which makes dog crave for this protein.

2. My dog likes eating pantyhoses & socks

The most probable reason for this behavior is that the dog is bored or frustrated. Once he starts chewing the item, he naturally wants to swallow the item. Once you realize the item that your dog like eating, keep them safely hidden in your drawers.

3. My dog likes to chew at my shoes

This can happens during the teething stage of your puppy or probably he loves the attention he gets when he does that. If your puppy is teething, give him alternatives like chew toys. Should your dog be an adult, he probably is seeking attention so don�t fuss around him in order to check his behavior.

4. My dog loves to dig holes

Digging comes naturally to dogs. When the dog digs, he wants to bury something or wants to reach the cool soil under the earth. Should your dog dig for no good reason, train him to dig at certain spots instead of allowing him to do it all over.

5. My dog likes to jump at visitors

Seems you have a very affectionate dog in your hands. When dogs are still small, they love to do it and since they look so cute, most people don�t mind this. With time the puppy grows up and what was once adorable now becomes uncomfortable and threatening to children as well as adults. We recommend that you train your dog not to jump at people at an early stage

6. My dog loves to stick his head out when I�m driving

He loves the fresh air outside and also the new sights and smells the opportunity offers him. This looks innocent but junk lying on the road can fly and hurt his eyes and head so its best to keep the windows rolled up when you are driving.

7. My dog is so afraid of thunder!

Most dogs that are usually courageous will flinch when thunder booms in the sky. The dogs feel that they cannot flee from the impeding danger from the loud noise. They naturally want to take off and if they are confined, they start to howl or pace around.

Submitted by:

Gerald Njuguna

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