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Are You The Best Person To Own A Ferret?

The question is often asked concerning the best people to own a ferret, and it's certainly something that is worth considering. First and foremost, ferrets do not make good pets for children under the age of 12, and even above that age, it's important to remember that owning a ferret is a long-term commitment since they can live for up to ten years of age. Therefore, even a child of 12 may find the role as a ferret owner rather demanding, especially when you consider that the ferret will likely still be living when he or she leaves to go to college. Unless Mom and Dad are willing to share in the commitment of taking care of the ferret, it is probably better for your children not to think of owning a ferret until they are out of college and settled enough to be ready to accept the responsibility of taking care of a pet of any kind.

Because of their agility, ferrets may not be good pets for people who are disabled as they may not be able to handle them. That doesn't mean that it's impossible, but depending upon the extent of the disability, there may be difficulty catching this little monsters if they should become loose. For those who don't have a problem chasing after them, it doesn't present a problem, but for those who are unable to move fast or at all, a ferret may not be the best choice for a pet.

Ferrets also do not do well left along for long periods, so someone who is away frequently is not a good candidate as a ferret owner. If you have a job that takes you away from home frequently, it's probably not a good idea to own a ferret, or any other pet for that fact, unless you have a roommate, spouse, or significant other who is willing to take care of the pet while you are away. They love attention, and can actually be quite affectionate animals if properly treated. Though it is not necessary to cage your ferret, you want to make sure that there are no small areas where he can get out the door and into danger. You may also choose to cage him when you are not home in order to keep him out of trouble as they can be destructive at times. Though they don't chew furniture in good condition, they will increase damage that is already done while attempting to get into a sofa or chair, and they tend to chew carpet, especially that at the threshold of a door. Thus, the best person to own a ferret must also be one with a great deal of patience and who won't get upset over a little carpet or furniture damage.

Submitted by:

Carl Deveraux

Carl Deveraux is a freelance editor for Ferrets Shop. Read more and find great deals and discounts on Ferrets Shop products at http://www.ferretsshop.com/index.aspx.


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