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Caring For Your Cute Baby Huskies

Baby huskies often bring an abundance of joy to the family that adopts them. These cute puppies however, require much more attention than adult huskies in order for them to grow healthily into full grown dogs. Improper care of your cute baby huskies can often lead to illnesses and even stunted growth. We provide you with useful information for caring for your cute baby huskies.

Your baby husky emerges into this world with an under developed coat of fur. As such, it would require the warmth of its mother as it is still unable to produce sufficient body heat. Leave your baby husky next to its mother and sufficiently line the kennels with towels and heating pads. This is important as insufficient warmth would result in your baby husky developing severe bouts of chill.

It is important for your baby husky to be fed ample supplies of milk from its mother as it is still not ready to consume dog food of any sort. When the mother husky has run out of milk, consult your vet for a commercially available puppy formula. Never let your baby puppy consume milk formula for human babies as it would often lead to indigestion in the baby husky. In general, puppy formula requires conditioning to get used to, thus always prepare early so that in the initial stage you would be able to feed your husky puppy with a mix of its mother�s milk as well as commercially available formula.

Visits to the vet are a must for your husky puppy. This should take the form of a general checkup and subsequent regular scheduled checkups. For the general checkup, bring along a sample of your baby husky�s stool for the prescription of an appropriate de-wormer. At six to eight weeks old, another visit is necessary for vaccination purposes. In general, vets dispense valuable advice concerning the raising of your baby husky into full-grown adults. In addition, they may also provide valuable suggestions on issues such as the nutritional needs of your cute baby huskies.

It is important for the mother husky to clean its babies. This not only serves to keep the baby husky clean, but also to stimulate the puppy�s bowel and urinary functions. These are important to the baby husky�s overall health as failure to do so would often result in complicated health-related problems in the long run. You could also assist the puppy�s bowel function by gently rubbing your puppy�s genital area.

Ultimately, caring for your cute baby huskies is not something that can be done easily. Rather, it requires a great deal of time and commitment. From this point of view, people should not consider getting baby huskies simply because of their cuteness, but should give such a decision careful thought before getting huskies as pets. For those who are able to put in the necessary time, effort and commitment, you would definitely be rewarded amply as you watch your cute baby huskies grow healthily into full-grown adults. You would then be able to enjoy a fulfilling long term relationship with your huskies.

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Clarence Clark

Clarence Clark is an avid Husky dog lover providing valuable advice at http://www.huskytime.com for fellow Husky dog lovers. Where he shares Husky info and training tips with Husky lovers worldwide. Click Here to gain FREE access to this Husky networking website.


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