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Cat Furniture - Which Type Is Best?

You�ve heard the hype about how, historically, cats have been revered, even worshiped by some cultures. Some people walk through pet stores and think that this is still happening today. After all, look at all of the elaborate cat trees and cat furniture that is available. People who do not have cats often scoff at all of the cat tree furniture and other type of cat furniture they see available in pet and department stores. They seem to think that cat owners who buy these things for their pets are spoiling them. What they don�t understand is that cat trees and furniture for cats are not always purchased as presents. Sometimes a cat�s owner will purchase these things as a survival tactic. After all, if the cat has its own trees and furniture to scratch and play on, maybe it will leave the human furniture intact.

There are several basic types of cat trees and cat furniture available. The first, and most basic, of all cat accessories is the scratching post. A scratching post is a �must have� for any cat owner. Cats have an intrinsic need to work their claws. They work their claws a lot. The way they work their claws and keep them sharp is by scratching on things. They are not picky about what they scratch as long as it provides a tiny bit of resistance to their claws and can give their paws a good workout, so providing your cat with a scratching post will be one of the best things you can do if you want to save your furniture. A scratching post is basically a piece of wood that is attached to a base and then covered in cheap carpet.

The most basic form of cat furniture is the �cat condo� which is a round and hollow tower that usually has between one and three �rooms� that have their own entrances. The whole thing is usually covered with the same carpet that covers scratching posts and provides your cat with its own �private space.� These are not as essential to buy as a scratching post, but they can be helpful in keeping your cat off of the furniture. This, again, speaks to the cat�s territorial nature. Apparently cats never learned to share when they were being revered as gods. Once they are given their own spaces for hiding, sleeping and playing they are likely to lose all interest in the rest of your belongings.

Interesting fact: Some cats work their claws as a way of dealing with stress. Keep an eye on your cat�when they get freaked out about something, do they head straight for their scratching post (or the side of your couch)? Chances are they are calming themselves down!The best part about cat trees and cat furniture is that all of it is covered in the same carpet that covers scratching posts. This gives your cat even more surfaces to attack safely. The more places they have to play, the safer your furniture will be.

Submitted by:

David P Lee

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