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Choosing The Right Dog

First things come first. In order to have a dog you have to get one. First">All dogs are lovable but not all are easy to live with, so you have to choose wisely. Taking the same kind of dog as your friends or taking the kind of dog you have seen in a movie is not such a good idea. It is better to take an informed decision before you choose a dog then being sorry after.

Most of the dogs that end up in a dog shelter are there because their owners took the wrong decision and preferred the "new trend" in dog fashion to a dog that is compatible to their habitat, life style and personality. You have to take this decision before going to the dog shelter or pet shop, because you might be tempted to take the cutest one which is not necessarily the best one for you.

Here are some aspects that you need to take in consideration before deciding which dog to get.

Puppy vs Adult dog. Who can resist to the "puppy eyes"?!? If you don't have kids or enough time to train a puppy, look away and choose an older dog that is already trained, it will spare you a lot of trouble.

Boy or girl? Male dogs are usually more aggressive and dominant. Female dogs are more obedient and friendly. Also for most of the breeds males grow larger than females.

What size is your dog? If you have a yard, you can get a big dog, if you live in an apartment that wouldn't be advisable. Big dogs need more space and make more noise. Also remember that you have to walk the dog and a big one is harder to handle. You don't want your dog to drag you around.

Tell me your temperament and I'll tell you what dog is a good companion for you. If you are an active person (Choleric, Sanguine) you can choose an "always happy" kind of dog. If you are an introverted person (Melancholic, Phlegmatic) and like peace and quiet then take a more passive dog. In order to make this decision you'll need to checkout information about different breeds of dogs.

Climate. Make sure that the breed of dog that you want is fully adapted to the meteorological conditions from where you live. If you live in a place with hot summers please don't take a Hasky dog, I've seen some in such conditions and they feel miserable.

Expectancy. Ask yourself what do you want the dog for? If you want him for company around the house, for your kids or for protection. If you want the dog for your kids choose a more sociable and not aggressive dog, small or medium size. For protection is the other way around, a less sociable and more aggressive dog, medium or large size is more suited.

After taking in consideration all the above, you can choose the dog that you like best.

Submitted by:

Iuliana Draghici

Dog trainer and expert dog breeder. http://dogownersblog.wordpress.com http://www.your-dog-info.com


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