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Choosing The Right Pomeranian Breeder - Articles Surfing

If you're looking for a small breed dog that will provide you and your family with a long and happy companionship, the you need look no farther than the Pomeranian. These dogs have gained almost celebrity status themselves as they are toted down the red carpet by various celebrities. The conditions in puppy mills are nothing short of horrendous. The pups that come out of these mills are most often sick and dying, and have relatively short life spans when compared to dogs raised by a respectable breeder.

A quality breeder would never sell a pup to a pet store, preferring instead to be able to screen anyone who wants to take one of their dogs home. You can help to do your part to put these puppy mills out of business by refusing to purchase any dogs from a pet store. Even if the pet storeowner tells you that he or she only gets dogs from a well-respected breeder; know that no such breeder would even consider it.

There has been a growing demand for the Pomeranian breed in recent years, what with so many celebrities in Hollywood sporting their little bundles of fluff wherever they go. The Pomeranian is certainly one of the most elegant small breed dogs, but many people are not aware of their affectionate nature. A growing awareness of the desirability of the Pomeranian as a family pet has left many a respectable Pomeranian breeder in the dark as to how best to keep up with the onslaught of orders.

Because there are many steps that a respectable Pomeranian breeder must take in order to ensure that each litter he or she produces is healthy, and that the prospective owners are going to give the pups a good home, many people are becoming impatient and purchasing their dogs from local pet stores who have been supplied by puppy mills. These puppy mills produce pups en masse, and often deliver dogs to the pet stores that are sick and even dying.

Purchasing a Pomeranian from any place other than from a highly respected Pomeranian breeder can be a dangerous move. Pet stores are supplied by mass breeders who run centers known as puppy mills. These mills have one purpose, which is to produce as many dogs in a single sitting as possible. Little care is given to the dogs in these mills, and the pups that are then delivered to pet stores are often sick and dying from lack of proper care.

Most people do not realize the extensive screening process that a respectable Pomeranian breeder will require possible owners to go through. These breeders are concerned about the quality of life their dogs will have in their new homes, and would never dream of selling their puppies to a pet store where they have no control over who can take one home. Only a dishonest Pomeranian breeder would have such little concern for their puppies' well being.

Don't be fooled by pet storeowners who do their best to tell you that their puppies only come from an honest Pomeranian breeder. These pet storeowners are highly trained in answering that question, as the world's awareness of the atrocities of puppy mills grows. But nevertheless, do not be fooled when a pet storeowner tells you that he or she only buys from a local breeder. You'll only set yourself up for heartache when your new dog turns out to be potentially fatally ill.

A Pomeranian is a wonderful dog that can provide you and your family with a long and happy relationship. When you make certain to only get your new dog from a well respected Pomeranian breeder, you do you part to help make sure your new dog will be healthy; but also to help stop the puppy mills from making any money. If everyone were to refuse to buy puppies from the pet stores, the dishonest Pomeranian breeder would soon find himself out of work.

Submitted by:

Rosie A Allan

Rosie Allan has many years experience with the raising and care of Pomeranian dogs in particular, and small-breed dogs in general. If you're looking for a small dog that will give you as much love and affection as you do, and love the idea of a high energy dog, then a Pomeranian will be perfect for you. The important thing to remember is that quality Pomeranian breeders will not sell their pups to pet stores, for fear the dogs will be mistreated. If you are looking for Pomeranian information to help you decide whether to buy of these beautiful dogs from a pet store, then you will want to read this article.



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