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Have you ever wondered why a cat purrs and how? It really seems to be a mystery as to why that little rumble you hear coming from your cat occurs at any given time. I thought that a cat would purr out of contentment or happiness.

I have heard my own cats' purr start whenever I begin to stroke or pet them while comforting or loving them. They also start to roar up a storm after jumping up into my lap and curling up to sleep. I thought that the only time they would purr was when they were cuddled up sleeping on my lap or from my soothing touch. At least until I walked by Tiggy lying on the bed by herself fast asleep, I could hear her little rumble.

I became curious after finding that it wasn't just when my cats were around me that they would purr. So with my curiosity peaked, I started to search for information to answer my question ' Why do my cats' purr? I came across some different sources of information and all appeared to have a common answer. There is not a definite answer to why a cat purrs.

Little research has been done on this aspect of the cat. There may be more done in the future to answer the questions to those of us who are curious about a cat's purr.

It is believed that a cat does purr when it is happy and content. I must agree with this, as I have witnessed my cats' purring when they are content. At least it appears that they are content as they are curled up on my lap singing up a storm.

There are also some who believe that a cat also purrs when they are in pain, suffering, or even stressed. I have not experienced the purring when my cats' have been stressed or suffering. Even with the loss of one of my cat's, Cuddles, when she was sick I did not notice her purring out of stress or suffering. Her purring still occurred just as it did before, while sitting on my lap when I stroked or massaged her. I am not saying that this theory is not true; I am just stating that I have no actual experience of my cats' purring when stressed or suffering.

Another burning question that I had wondered about was how do they purr? How can a rumbling sound make their whole body vibrate and get you to feel safe and relaxed. I find my cats' purr to be very comforting and wanted to know how they did it.

A cat's purr is believed to be produced by vibrating the voice box or larynx. This vibrating can occur at a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. This is also a frequency that is believed to promote healing and bone growth. Each cat will have their own tone of vibration. Some cats have a loud purr while others are barely audible, the only way you know they are purring is by touching them and feel the vibration of their body.

The mechanism in which the cat purrs can actually explain a lot when referring to healing. Cats are known to have '9 lives', which can be explained with the frequency of the purr enabling the cat to heal itself. Most cat owners will also confirm that they experience less stress in their daily lives or are able to relax after a very stressful day just by sitting with their cat and stroking their silky fur and listening to the melodic tone of the purr.

I do believe that the purr promotes overall good health and well-being for both the cat and the owner or anyone who has daily contact with a loving cat. My cats have been a pure joy and definitely help to keep my relaxed at the end of a stressful day.

The next time you are next to your cat or any cat and you hear that little rumble, reach down and feel the vibration. Also, know that there is more to that little rumble than the noise that you hear pouring from your cat. It is a powerful tool for your cat to keep it happy and healthy.

Submitted by:

Sharon Cowherd

Sharon Cowherd maintains Caring for Your Cat, a blog about her experiences and knowledge of caring for her cats. You can read more about Sharon and her cats at http://www.caringforyourcat.com/



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