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Bullie Pups R Us shares great customer testimonials about English Bulldogs - Articles Surfing

See the great news from past buyers at Bullie Pups R Us...

Bullie Pups R Us has helped my husband and I to realize our dream of owning a Champion sired English Bull Dog puppy! She is a wonderful puppy and to quote a vet, an 'Outstanding' English Bulldog Pup and a perfect example of what the breed should be. We took her to our vet 2 days after we received her and our vet was impressed with the overall condition of her physical and mental aspects. She was as clean as a whistle and had a great start on all of her vaccinations. Our vet was impressed and later asked for the website to Bullie Pups R Us as there was a customer who wanted a pup for her son and someone else was looking for an all white Bullie Pup. Not all puppies are easily trained but Miss Valery was. At twelve weeks she is house broken and family oriented. She loves kids and adults as well as other pets. She gets along with our 9 year old Keeshond and our 5 year old Yellow Lab famously. She is opinionated and very fun loving. She is a pleasure to have and being a first time owner of a Bullie I am very thankful that Traci is there to assist me with any questions or concerns I may have. I have recommended and will continue to recommend her to anyone that is interested in getting the best Bullie pups available. I will be purchasing a male in the near future and I will ask Trac i once again to assist us in this process. Sincerely, Al and Deb Rosenau Petersburg, VA

*We love our bullie , healthy, great temperment, best we have had out of 4 previous bulldogs. and again below...

We bought "Mister" after having several bad experiences with Bulldog breeders, but we are so happy with our purchse of this bulldog from Bullie Pups R Us. He is so good in temperment and in his good looks that people stop us every where we go just to pet him. He is the the star of attraction where ever we go. He is healthy and and adorable! Please buy your next bullie from them if you want healthy! This is our 4th bullie and the best by far. We will send recent photos soon. He is looking great! Sincerely, Don Adams in CO.

*Bella is... hysterical, that is the best discription of her.She does this thing where she puts her head on yours and pushes down.We call it Bella hugs.Her personality surprized us.We thought she would be big and dippy. She is the opposite.Her intelligence is amazing. Then there is this thing she does with a basketball,Oh, and thebath tub is her favorite place. Anyhow, our vet says she is an excellent breed. Her stance and body is very good.We get lots of compliments on how nice she looks and behaves. Pam Mast in NJ

*Hi Traci I'm very happy and satisfied..he is very intelligent and playfull ,, he always surprises me! Canada

*Hi Traci, Harley (formally named Darth) is home. He is adorable and chunky (20.5 lbs. to be exact). He is already adjusting wonderfully. Thank You. He did have his first vet visit today and everything checks out fine. Michele and Victor in Ga.

*Hello Traci, Everything is going well with Margaux. She is now 25 lbs at 16.5 weeks. She is definitely growing to become a very nice looking bully.. Rhella in IL

*Dear Traci, I can never thank you enough for London (Angelina). We just graduated from basic obedience class which she was in the top 3 of her class!! We are now taking a CGC/THERAPY class which she is doing great in. We are going to a hospital with a group on the 14th of Nov to meet with patients and cheer them up. London is the most well rounded dog I think I've ever owned. She is also the mascot of my son's football team. She travels to all the games and has her own team jersey! It's a riot! She gets more attention then the game! As far as health. I've had 2 vets look at her and both complemented on how healthy and well breed she is. My next class is going to be a breed handling so we can do some shows as she gets a little older. My husband and I refer everyone we meet who is interested in a bully puppy to you. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for everything you've done for us and for giving us such a wonderful baby. Sincerely, Wendy and Joe McGovern in NY

*Hi Traci, Everything is going great with Norman! He is very active and very confident about everything. He ate well this morning and has been running all over the place discovering his new surroundings. He went to the vet with two of our female Bulldogs this morning. The vet said that all seems great with him. He wants me to wait on his first shots until Tuesday. He just didn't want him to be under too much stress with all he went through yesterday. I am soooo happy with him!!! Thanks so much! Cindy in Tx

*Thanks again we love him. He is doing great. He no longer sleeps in a crate at night, he graduated to our room, and the little bugger sleeps on our bed. We are going to the shore on sat for a week, he will be with us. He loves camping. My kids love him. He is very well behaved. We get a lot of compliments on him. We had him at a friends on Sat. because we went away and did not want him alone, and when we went to pick him up they did not want to give him back! Thanks for a great dog. The Cleary's Carmen, Bill, Zach, Alyx & Zeus

*Hello Traci, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we moved from the Reading area to Myrtle Beach, SC the end of last year. We decided to take a 'corporate' retirement and open up our own business by the beach. Cocoa Bean is doing well. She's a healthy 50 lbs girl and she continues to be the talk of the beach! Hope all is well with you, your family and the business. Best regards, Frank Espinal

*Doing great! He is being spoiled rotten, and loving it! We will send you pictures this weekend! Regards, Aaron in MN.

*Gigolo is doing very good! He is a traffic stopper! Just gorgeous , and a great temperment , very smart. Thanks for everything. Tatyana in Ca.

*She is by far the most beautiful little thing my heart absolutely melted! I will send you pics of her and her brother soon. Thanks Chris in NY

*She checked out ok at the vet. My vet and the girls that work there just love her and said how beautiful she was and playful. She was barking and playing with the girls at the vet. My vet was saying that we are going to have one of the best bloodlines around in the South with her and Tiki and my 2-girls from Argentina. Stephanie or myself or both of us will write you a great review on Puppyfind as soon as we get a chance today or tomorrow. Once again, Thank you so much for working with us and letting us get a great puppy from you. Henry from La.

* Traci: I am very glad and happy that I have something this wonderful (Joker) in my life. Just so you know Joker has brought much love and joy into my life. So I just want to say thank you. Ken in Ma.

*I want to let you know that Miesha is doing so well here. She had made such a wonderful addition to the family. Mke in MD.

*i Traci, Just an update on Roxie. I took her to the vet on Sat and everything checked out ok. Ill be going back on the 12th for shots. Ive attached a pic of Roxie and my son. Thanks for a great dog. I must say i am very impressed with her. She looks better than expected.Thanks,Chris in Ohio

*Thought you'd like some more recent pictures of Maggi. My kids absolutely love her. She is getting more and more lazy, which we love. And is now pretty reliable when it comes to going to the door to go to the bathroom outside. She will still chew on furniture legs, walls, or wood work occasionally. We're hoping she will quite that entirely very soon. She loves to be by all of us. When the kids are upstairs, and Chuck and I are downstairs, she tries to position herself in the middle. Very cute. Amazingly, she is not a runner. If we let her outside, she will be right by the door when she's done her business. We don't have a fence, so that is a gift! That's her best trait for sure. Thanks, Mindi in Oregon

* Just wanted to pass some photos to you of Brittni. Every morning she sits at the end of this carpet runner worshiping the sun. She stays there until the sun moves from the window. She then cozys up on the sofa, or upstairs on my bed. She is the sweetest dog. Thank you for her.Hugs - Maxine in Ca.

* Hi Traci, Begonia is here...she arrived safely last night. She is beautiful and very calm. Thanks so much for everything!! Yvonne in Ca.

*little miss allie is adjusting more and more every minute! she is eating REALLY well, and playing wonderfully with the other kids. This what i find most facinating - she poops and pees outside. Unreal no? its CRAZY, i take her out every 2 hours and she waddles her little butt to the lawn and goes potty and walks over to the door so i let her back in. Jeeez, my 7 month old doesnt even do that!so your grandbaby is a genious as far as i am concerned :) hugs melissa in Pa

*Hello Traci, Professor Dickens is doing well. Known more often as Dickens. He is such a loving and goofy little guy. He loves his brother Jax just thinks he is the greatest thing in the world. He has tons of toys and beds and bones. Everyone loves him when we go on walks, go to the park or the vet office. He's full of energy and has quite the bold personality. He loves to use the dog door to go play outside. We just love him to death and couldn't have found a better addition for the family. I've sent some pictures of him hanging out at the house and one at the beach with my husband and his brother Jax. Hopefully they work! Thanks again. Hope you have a great day! xoxo Richelle xoxo in OR.

* Tracie, Our little guy is doing well. He is such a sensitive baby. Attached are some pics......he is just having a fit....just kidding. We love him. I guess his paperwork will be coming soon. Take care. Sheila Wallace

* He is doing very well. He has exploded out of his shell that's for sure'.Being a first time bullie owner is such an experience, and we fill we made a super decision'Tater is la maniac all over sophie and they are actually getting along very well, and the last two nights he slept right through them' Dan in Ct.

*He is fantastic, full of energy and sweet as can be. He is making a lot of new friends in the neighborhood and everywhere he goes. We couldn't be happier with him. Jay in NJ

*Hi Tracy,

Here is a new picture of "the puppy formerly known as Snuggles". Daisy is just over a year in this picture, soaking up the sun on vacation in South Carolina. She is such a fantastic dog! I thank God every day that she found her way to us, all the way from the Eurpe??!! The only thing stopping me from getting another one is that we are soon to be moving. Maybe next spring.Hope you enjoyed your summer. Thanks again!Sincerely, Christine Huber in Ma.

*Hi! Mom! I'm Toro!!!! I missed you a little bit...My new home is great!! My girlfriend Coco Chanel is taking care of me. I love her so much. Also, my new Mom is taking care of me every day. Every morning we wake up at 7:30 am... Wow, we wake mom and she� give us food as soon� as she wakes up!!! Awesome! Then we go to the park almost every day. We run and run until we are tired. Then, we go back home to sleep until Mom is back from work. When she comes back from work we go out to play with Coco and my buddy Chuckie again. And then we all eat again.... Wuf, wuf.... I love you Mom!!! Thank you so much... my new home and family are great!!!!Mom, I will never forget you. I will keep in touch with you.

Wuffff, xxx ooo ;-) Toro in Florida

*Hello Traci,
Things are hectic! Calvin is adorable but we forgot how trying the puppy days are! Philly thinks he's a pest but I'm sure once he is a little older they will be fine! Calvin bites her all the time and Philly just let's him she can't be mean to him! I'll attach a picture of them both!Thanks, Kim in NJ

*Champ is doing wonderful!!! I am so impressed with how well he has
> adjusted to our rountine already! Thanks for sending the pedigree and I'll
> be keeping in touch! Baker family in Pa

*Hi Traci,
My husband mentioned that you asked how our new Bull Dog, Sam, was doing so I thought I would send some pictures. He is doing great, and fitting right in at home. He starts kindergarten next week. He loves people and their attention, and is not shy about going up to perfect strangers and licking them. He has made many new friends at the pet store. We are truly blessed to have him as part of our family. Cheers,Beckie and Aaron Sandager

You can view more great testimonials at http://www.bulliepupsrus.com/english_bulldog_happytails.php

Submitted by:

Traci Murai

Traci Murai
I am a proud wife, mother of 6 and extreme bulldog finatic! I own Bullie Pups R Us http://www.bulliepupsrus.com/forsale.php. I like to network so people can get to know who I am as a person. http://www.gather.com/my.jsp and http://peopleconnection.aol.com/blogs
I love anything with the outdoorsand find nature therapeutic and a miracle! Summer is my favorite time of year! I do not liek winter as I find it very restrictive.



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