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Canine Coccidia and Latest Treatment

Coccidi outbreak in a puppy can be expensive and lethal. Adults are immune to it's deadly effects, but can spread it. New dogs into the kennel are the prime carriers, even from the best of breeders. There is a preventative (horse) drug called "Marquis"�that kennels have been using for several years.

I have personally used Marquis 3 years on over 300 puppies and no longer battle coccidia.

I am NOT a veterinarian, just an experienced dog breeder since 1986.

I do not know about any other animal.


1 EGG DIVIDES INTO 10'S OF 1000'S OF COCCIDIA. IT SHEDS THE VIRUS TO all PUPPIES making them VERY ill. It lines the gut and ruptures cells in the gut and causes severe disease.

Just as you vaccinate for PARVO and

DISTEMPER (which is back in the USA with a VENGEANCE)

you MUST PREVENT COCCIDIA or NONE of your vaccines will work!

Your pups will be SMALL, loose stamina due to anemia and get pneumonia. DO NOT BUY a SCRAWNY SMALL PUP. It probaly survived or hads coccidia and may have permanent damage. It's growth may be stunted.

You can't get rid of coccidia in a kennel short of FIRE or Extreme STEAM. Ammonia cannot reach the places it can dwell (bleach can't either) and is damaging to lungs. It is a very tough parasite. But these pups will NOT get coccidia if you give Marquis religiously. At 12 weeks of age dogs get a natural immunity to this parasite, so there is NO need to use it over 12 weeks. It will NOT KILL coccidia if they have and out break and is showing symptoms. You HAVE to PREVENT the growth in their system until the build natural immunity.

Dr Bob Page discovered this treeatment while developing his NEOPAR PARVO vaccine. He discovered if a pup has coccidia outbreak, they will not utilize a vaccination properly. Here he answers some breeders questions on a recent forum:

Q: So there is no cure for coccidiosis?

Dr. Page: No there is no cure for coccidiosis. Once you see the signs of diarrhea the coccidia has done its damage and left the puppy, so all you are treating the puppy for is the symptoms of coccidia and giving antibiotics for bacterial infections.

Q: Do puppies out-grow Coccidiosis?

Dr. Page: Yes, as puppies get past 10 to 12 weeks of age they develop a natural immunity to coccidia and do not show illness if exposed as a young puppy.

STRESS causes this problem and it can be TOTALLY PREVENTED IF YOU medicate for it.

COCCIDIA is BAD NEWS and can cause DEATH in young pups.

It is expensive to treat. ($180+ a tube) BUT saving ONE pup recoups the cost.

AGE has NOTHING to do with it not effecting the pup. If you are sent a pup with it, they will GIVE IT to all your other dogs and cats. You will have HUGE vet bills. Getting a pup at 12 weeks is NO GUARANTEE you will not get it if the dog is not properly medicated against coccidia.

****Your vaccines will not work if the dog is infected.****

If you are a breeder and need help in this area,

CALL ME and I will help you save pups! GOOD BREEDERS are NOT TOO PROUD to GET INFORMATION!

816 470-2301 (days only, please).

THIS HAS nothing TO DO WITH FILTH, like vets will tell people. It is a CONTAGIOUS parasite causing intestinal damage like parvo.



12.5 TO 25 MG/lb DAILY FOR 28 dAYS (problem is dogs HATE the taste)


Albon Suspension (Rx)

1cc per 2-4 LBS Daily

Albon will kill coccidia, but it must be given 28 days, 10 on,8 off, 10 on. This is it's lifespan just like worms and you can't kill it with a few day dose.

You have to use ALBON to KILL coccidia once the dog has signs of it.

Marquis WILL NOT KILL COCCIDIA, only PREVENT it from explosion growth due to STRESS.


Albon 12 1/2% Solution

1cc per 5-10 LBS Daily

.5-10 cc (1/2 tsp) per gallon drinking water.





If you gave ALBON today, DO NOT give Marquis today.

If you need to give ALBON for Coccidia, it is TOO LATE

to use MARQUIS. Continue the Albon as prescribed.

This information is taken from notes and experience of a nationally know veterinarian who is deep into care and research of canine disease's, and my own experience for over 3 years using this drug.

The Manufacturer's of MARQUIS take NO responsibility for this information due to incomplete FDA testing regulations.

It is NOT USDA approved for canine. Breeders have been using it in Europe for a while before we started using it in the USA.

Marquis is a Equine product for protozoa. Many US kennels are using it successfully on dogs to prevent coccidia outbreaks.

Coccidia has a 28 day life span as a parasite. Marquis will NOT kill full blown

coccidia, only PREVENT it from an outbreak.

Supplier: Avenue Vet Clinic sells Marquis already MIXED

for @ $.48 a cc which medicates 5 lbs of dog.

Their number is 1-800-642-6594 OR 712 722-2522


This is good if you have a small kennel and don't need a lot.

It is very difficult to mix (like toothpaste) and may be worth the

money to have them mix it.

Marquis works 21 out of 28 days. It is no good for e-coli infections.

You must kill e-coli with antibiotics�Marquis is a paste that is very expensive, but does a lot of litters.


MARQUIS will NOT KILL coccidia if they have an outbreak and it is showing itself in symptom.

IT PREVENTS the coccidia growth in their system until the build natural immunity.

I have found pups are bigger and stronger since giving this Rx.

Runts survive 9 out of 10 times if no internal defect. I HIGHLY recommend this Rx.


Young puppies up to 10 weeks of age:

Mix 1 part paste to 3 parts distilled water and give 1cc per 4 lbs


Give Day 4, then 2,4,6,8 and 10 weeks of age by mouth.

Pups over 12 weeks

Give 1 cc paste per 10 lbs. Repeat in 7 days then every 14 days 2-3X

Coccidia is a very tough parasite, but these pups will NOT get coccidia if you give this religiously.

Coccidia will quickly cause anemia and pneumonia and any secondary infections possible, quickly killing puppies. If you have coccidia and are treating with ALBON, they also need an antibiotic such as Clavomox. Your vaccinations WILL NOT work if a pup has coccicia outbreak.



Dr. Bob Page DVM 731-364-3115� Expert on Coccidia and Developer of NEOPAR

Suppliers of Marquis:

Avenue Vet Clinic 712 722-2522��

Argimed 573 -769-2611

Iowa Vet Clinic 800-642-6594

We have a LARGE DIRECTORY of TOPICS and Suggest you visit there next at http://www.gloryridge.com/directory.htm

Feel free to CALL me with any questions as to my experience with this subject. Please call only 9-4PM Mon-Wed.

Karen DeAngelo

816 470-2301

E-mail anytime: gloryridge@myturbonet.com

Submitted by:

Karen DeAngelo

Karen DeAngelo has been a shih-tzu breeder since 1986 of GLORY RIDGE SHIH-TZU (http://www.gloryridge.com). Her website has won the 2006 and 2007 Dog Lovers Website Award for BEST SHIH-TZU PHOTOS. Karen has deep knowledge of shih-tzu and raises pet and therapy dogs for people who want more that "just a dog".

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