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Cat Diseases : Watch For Early Warnings - Articles Surfing

Watch your cat and disease signs that may indicate a variety of health problems. Being alert to these indicators can help treat your cat quickly and efficiently.

Bad breath

Don't panic if your cat has a bad breath. Check first if he had fish or other food with strong odours. If not, consult your veterinary as bad breath may the the sign of a tooth decay, urinary problems or the presence of round worms.

Abundant saliva

This sign of cat disease may be the cause of poisoning or viral infection such as pneumonia. However it may simply be due to a foreign object lodged in the cat's mouth. In that case take the object out before the cat swallows it.

Decolorated gums

This might indicate aneamia, the presence of parisites or other affection. If this symptom follows an accident it may be due to internal bleeding.

Running nose

This sign of cat disease is, most of the time, caused by pneumonia.


Your cat caught a cold or something is stuck in his nose !!

Red and burning eyes

Sometimes, this sign of cat disease indicates respiratory problems. It can also be caused by dust.

Running eyes

This is always due to a cold.

Eyes turning opaque

This sign of cat disease indicates a major ocular problem. Consult your veterinary immediately .

Your cat is constantly scratching his ears

Parasites may be present. If the ear contains brownish and smelling crusts there might be an ulceration. If the ear is warm and aching this is probably due to an hematom that will require minor surgery.

Frequent coughing

This sign of cat disease is the result of a pneumonia.

Quick and heavy respiration

This is the symptom of pneumonia or heart problems.

Your cat does not eat anymore

This is a classic cat disease symptom resulting from a variety of health problems. However, bear in mind that a cat in healthy condition can skip 2 to 3 meals. Be concerned only if he skips more.

Your cat is losing weight quickly

This is a sign of probable aneamia or viral infection.

Your cat is weak and apathetic

Again this may be due to aneamia or the presence of parasites. This sign of cat disease may also result from heart problems.

Your cat does not drink water anymore

If your cat peaks over the water bowl but does'nt drink anything he may have typhus or a kidney infection.

He drinks too much !

You would not suspect this is a sign of cat disease. Unfortunately, this may the symptom of a variety of sicknesses : diabetes, liver problem, or uterus infection.


If your cat vomits frequently it may not mean he is sick. But if he vomits a yellow liquid, often times the typhus is the culprit. You also have to watch intoxications and kidney or liver infections. In any event, consult your veterinary immediately.

Urinary difficulties

This may be a serious cat disease symptom. The presence of blood in the urine, particularly with the male cat, requires a quick action you should rush to the veterinary.


Here we have several possibilities but it is likely that your cat is not physically active and that his nutrition is not well balanced. Cut on the dehydrated food for a while. You may also use a light laxative. If this is not working, constipation may be caused by tiny hair balls .... or a tumour.


A real diarrhoea is totally liquid. Your cat may have been excited or his nutrition is unbalanced. Add rice or pasta to his meals for a day or two. If you find traces of blood in the diarrhoea, this sign of cat disease may result from a tumour or it may indicate the presence of parasites.

High fever

A body temperature exceeding 38.8 celsius is a sign that something is working wrong. Don't guess, check with your veterinary.

Drastic change in behavior

This is a sign of cat disease that is difficult to gauge. If your animal becomes aggressive he may have contracted the rage. You may also detect this problem if his mewing is low and rough.

Copyright 2006 Marc Deschamps

Submitted by:

Marc Deschamps

Marc Deschamps is the editor of Kitten Cat Magazine, a free online publication, where people can share their passion for cats and learn more about this extraordinary animal. Other articles on cat diseases can be found at http://www.kitten-cat-magazine.com/cat-and-disease.html



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