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Present Futuristic Visions

I�m looking everywhere for anything I can�t find�
verbally engage yo ears stimulate yo mind�

I live in the richest place in the world�
at war gainst itself�over wealth�
its greed instead of feed�
less fortunate barely have the skills to read�

they miseducate with diabolical efficiency�
take money from schools to build penitentiaries�
no funds for education�overseas perpetrating�
atrocities against the indigenous�

I guess its just business as it has always been�
my question is...are we listening? to history?
as it consistently repeats ill phrases...
of pasts mistakes we stay making�

we go and stick our nose where it don�t belong�
today its Iraq�before was Vietnam�
I know yall like yo tommy don�t say that shit�
u know the government don�t play that shit�

but i'm an emcee supposedly free�
to ACT PATRIOT means to never disagree.!?
read between lines in rhymes�
open eyes to lies�
heed the word to the wise�
never compromise�

u better learn yo rights�
what�s been done in the dark bout to come to light�
if I was u I�d live by faith and not sight�
everything u see... is nothing more than imagery�
constant competition to replenish energy�

I achieve synergy lyrically�prophetic verbally�
with metaphors and hyperbole�supreme humility�
and millions of people that's feelin me�
no killin me before my time�

was born to reform the earth through verse and rhyme�
entertain to educate and then empower�
mobilize the people to fight for freedom that�s ours�
whatever that is�put good things in our kids�
change the way we live�focus on the positive...

if that ain�t too much to ask�
that�s like getting a paycheck that�s too much to cash�
sam aint my uncle...peep how he do�
he get paid off our work before we do�

we can�t PROgress...
because of CONgress�
we all Bass Ackwards more end up with less�

can u read the wall all smeared with bloody secrets�
heat seekin weapons of mass destruction we busting�
why we so gullible? why we so trusting?�
there's grand delusions of mass distractions�
there�s too many questions and nobody�s asking�.
cause they already know�"FA SHOW" �but don�t show...
or care about "DA HOOD"�where we say "ITS HOOD">ALL GOOD"�
just another played out figure of speech that don�t make CENTS�
which is much more than what the unemployed make�
about fake plans to take another mans land to make grands�
or I should say mills when i really mean bills...
secret handshakes and illicit deals�in rooms filled...
with the dense clouds from the finest imported illegal Cubans�misappropriations fiscally abusive�
then go on Larry King and try to confuse it�

I find it amusing...
that it even matters at all�
for what rises to the top is destined to fall�
u could refer to that as universal law�

maybe u may have heard of it before I digress�
and manifest verbal words prophetic�
digital information databases inbedded�
underneath skin in chips called micro�
they start by offering it to your best friend fido�

u know like I know�where u go with the flow�
mad heat there�they gnash teeth there�
but don�t be scared�the whole thing already won�
underneath all the clouds there still is the sun�

Submitted by:

Tommy Lockhart

Tommy Lockhart is the CEO and Voice of 1st Love Records.Visit http://TommyLockhart.com, http://myspace.com/TommyLockhart for more info.


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