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Contemplating The Assassination Of Diana, Princess Of Wales, Ten Years Later - Articles Surfing

Diana, Princess of Wales, died on August 31, 1997. Ten years after her death, I can easily recall what I was doing when the news first started to trickle in. Since sleep and I haven't been friends for many years, I was in and out of bed and finally decided to watch some television. As I flipped through the channels, I noticed dark scenes with lots of flashing lights from emergency vehicles on most of the news channels and paused to find out what was going on. Text running across the bottom of the screen told the tale. Diana, Princess of Wales, was in some sort of automobile accident. The fact that she was with Dodi Al-Fayed at the time made it an even bigger news story.

After her divorce from Charles, Diana became the darling of millions of Brits and others that sympathized with her former situation. Most felt she received the cold shoulder from the Royal Family and was merely a trophy wife for Charles as he secretly desired and sought after Carmilla Parker Bowles. Public interest in Diana peaked when she began dating Dodi Al-Fayed and their relationship was the constant topic of every tabloid publication and entertainment news broadcast in those days.

As the minutes passed after I found about the accident, more details became available. The incident occurred in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris. Dodi and the driver of the vehicle had been killed instantly. Diana initially survived the accident, but went into cardiac distress on the way to the hospital. Despite all attempts to save her life, the princess was declared dead at around four in the morning.

As if on cue, the photographers that hounded Diana and Dodi on motorbikes and in cars became instant suspects. Blame flew everywhere and almost every channel on television was covering the story. The French Police were quick to take action by questioning the Paparazzi that followed the couple and those that were at the hotel where Dodi and Diana were staying. Stories circulated about photographers that took photos of Diana in the smashed vehicle instead of offering assistance or notifying the emergency services. They became instead scapegoats whether they deserved it or not.

Less than a month before the tragedy, my wife and I were talking about Diana. The conversation was inspired by a report about her shown on television. It featured some video of the Princess vacationing with Dodi Al-Fayed and wearing skimpy bathing suits. I commented to my wife that Diana wouldn't be alive much longer. It was not a psychic prediction, nor a wish for some harm to come to her. It was merely an observation based on my years of experience as a UFO Researcher and Paranormal Investigator.

I always believed that if you wanted to find a bone, the best way to do so would be to follow the dog that buried it. After years of watching public officials, federal departments and intelligence services cover-up and distort information about UFOs, I knew that the U.S. and British Governments had a common goal above all others. That goal is bureaucratic survival. No single issue, problem or person would ever be allowed to bring down those governments or the behind the scenes Powers supporting them. The Assassinations of JFK and RFK were proof and practical examples of that fact.

While it's impossible to point a finger of blame for planning Diana's death at any specific person, agency or government entity, you didn't have to be Nostradmus to know that Diana's behavior was quickly moving from being naughty to unacceptable in the eyes of those responsible for maintaining the status quo of the British Government. Although she was divorced from Prince Charles, the long-standing implications of any affair, relationship, remarriage or additional births involving Diana probably gave a lot of important people in England the same kind of sleep problems that I had. It could also move anyone with the power to do something about Diana from being reactive to proactive.

As far as Diana was concerned, the British people were with her. They loved her and seemed to understand her need to get Charles and the Queen off her back. That belief was her undoing. People are notoriously fickle. Just a year after her death a huge charity was planned to commemorate her death and support her causes. A fortune was spent on promotions and everyone knew it was coming, but there were few takers. The tears dried and the public moved on. She mistook admiration for adoration. People might have admired her for standing up to Charles and seeking justice, but many still adored the Queen and felt that having a Royal Family in the UK provided an economic, political and social comfort zone.

Diana's divorce left her with the title, Diana, Princess of Wales. Although she was not an HRH, a remarried Diana would be a major embarrassment to the royal line if Prince William eventually became King. That situation might upset the delicate balancing act that constitutes the British system of government enough to require a complete overhaul. That overhaul would almost certainly include the further limiting or complete abolishment of the English Throne. Any discussion of that kind would probably bring about instability in Britain and other Commonwealth Nations. Those weighing the life of Diana against political, social and economic consistency in the UK and elsewhere would probably feel themselves backed into a corner.

I'm certain that all of the media coverage of Diana and Dodi that summer before her death proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Every time a photo of Diana appeared in the press showing her in various stages of undress with Dodi, the resolve of those with the power to end her life was probably strengthened. Someone decided she and Dodi had to go and that was that. A surviving Dodi would be a wildcard that no one wanted to bet with or on.

When Diana decided to marry Charles, she made a decision for life. Believing she could marry the future King of England, give birth to his heirs, divorce him and simply move on to greener pastures was na've at best. Governments have become huge entities that place their own survival above those that elect the people who are supposed to represent their best interests. They are monstrosities that will gladly chew up and spit out anyone or anything that gets in their way. Not understanding those facts probably condemned Diana to an early death.

Ten years after her death (or assassination), nothing has been happened to alter my belief that Diana was murdered to protect the British Throne and system of government. Although most people will remember the Princess of Wales for her charity and kindness, her death should be a constant reminder that we have all unwitting accomplishes in a worldwide conspiracy infecting many nations. While the politicians have us all at each other's throats and remove the few freedoms we possess by piecemeal, we fret over who is or isn't in power as if it really matters anymore.

Read more at http://Conspiracy.CanYouStandTheTruth.com

Submitted by:

Bill Knell

Bill KnellUFOguy.com



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