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Geoge W. Bush's Life Path, Challenges, And Values-horoscope Analysis - Articles Surfing

What is inside Geoge W. Bush's soul? What is he really thinking? It's all in the stars. Let's see his brief horoscope natal analysis.

Geoge W. Bush
Birth date:6th July, 1946
Birth time:7:26am
Birth place:New Haven, Connecticut (USA)

Birth Analysis
Main Title: Life Path
Sub Title: Ascendant In Leo
Keyword: LIFE-PATH: Self-projection


Building up a strong sense of identity is a major motivating factor for you on a professional level, so you will thrive in a high profile job in which you can win recognition. Your ability to succeed is dependant on many other factors in your chart, but major assets will be your self-confidence, charisma and personal style. You may also have access to creative talents which can manifest in many areas of your life, from art to teaching. It is important for you to be at the centre of things, and - other things being equal - other people will accept you as a leader in their group. When you stand out and excel you are at your happiest, and so are other people. If you hide your light under a bushel, nobody is satisfied. As you are extremely aware of your personal power and the influence to have on others, you will be very sensitive to the unavoidable fluctuations in your personal confidence during the years. The older you get, the more secure you feel about your identity.


You are extremely aware of yourself and the impression you make on others. The spotlight is on you, and this is reflected in a sense of drama about your life. Basically you are a warm-hearted person, endowed with a sense of humour and fun and with a natural ability to liven up any gathering. Your appetite for life inclines you towards activities which give you a solid sense of who you are. Creative pursuits, romance, and involvement with children are all important areas of interest. You are the kind of person people notice, even to the point of seeming self-centred. Nevertheless, many people will seek your company. In intimate long-term relationships you tend to evoke a certain emotional distance in the partner, who knows you too well to fall for your charming manner. By cultivating a more detached view of yourself, you gain greater intimacy with those close to you.

Main Title: Challenges
Sub Title: Saturn In Cancer
Keyword: SELF-RELIANCE: Building security
Saturn was in the sign of Cancer in the years 1944-1946 and 1973-75. This was a time of focus on the difficulties of rebuilding family and national values. There was a sombre mood during this period. Security and safety were major issues during these years, and all efforts were concentrated upon providing support. Insofar as you express this collective influence in your own career, you will be concerned with conventional values as regards loyalty, nurturing and security. You are strongly motivated by the needs of your family in your professional pursuits, and work hard to create a secure domestic foundation for your life, though the security you are striving for proves to be elusive. You may seek professional security through the extended family of some kind of corporation.


Your childhood was affected by a pervasive mood of struggle and difficulty which may make it difficult for you to express emotions in a natural or spontaneous way. You have the capacity to control and hide your feelings - this was probably the dominant trend in society as regards upbringing during your early years. In many ways you were probably asked to take too much responsibility at an early age, and though this gives you an aura of maturity, you may feel emotionally blocked. During the course of your life you will be challenged to come to terms with repressed emotions. You need to take the risk of showing what you really feel, without being afraid of being rejected. By building up a strong sense of emotional self-reliance, you will realise that you can afford to show that you are emotionally vulnerable. When you soften up emotionally, people will reach out to support you.

Main Title: Values
Sub Title: Venus In Leo
Keyword: VALUES: Project personal warmth

You are attracted to a life of luxury and style, and in your dealings with others you set great store in being able to give a good impression. Personal prestige is an important career value - and you need to see your prestige reflected in the way you look and the things you own. Professionally you can avail yourself of your considerable personal charm and influence to get ahead. You know how important first impressions are, and you are careful to cultivate your contacts by showing respect and warmth. At the same time you expect to be noticed and appreciated in your job. Because you are basically a generous person you will probably attain a certain popularity, and this will be a major asset for you. Position is more important to you than money, but with your need to live in style and your extravagant tastes, money is also very necessary.


Men with this position are attracted to women who they can show off a little. Both men and women are drawn to people who have a central position in social circles. Good taste, good manners and style are essential ingredients in love. Women expect to be courted with style, and expensive gifts are the order of the day. Actually both sexes are very warm-hearted and romantic. Whilst there is an intrinsic loyalty and sense of honour there is also, paradoxically, a weakness for affairs. It is difficult to resist adoring glances! Blows to personal pride can seriously affect the stability of a relationship, and - mutual admiration being so important - there may be little to salvage if one party loses respect for the other.

Submitted by:

Elaine Fung

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