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Open Letter To Senator Clinton & Senator Obama

Are both of you crazy? If you both keep up the gender and race issues, you just might as well hold the door open for President McCain as he moves into the White House. I am so disappointed in both of you. I am one of the unheard voices that I expect both of you to be listening to. But you can�t be listening if you are so busy apologizing for your campaigns! Can�t you manage the people around you? Well, if you can�t, how can I trust either of you to manage the White House? I am having immense doubts on this point with both of you.

Maybe it is better that we only have white males to run for this high office because it has become obvious that if you are black or a woman, you can�t stop name calling!

Senator Obama � Ms Ferraro was correct � if you were a white male, you would not be running because you do not have enough experience. And don�t throw that �I had the judgment to be against the war before anyone.� If you were so against the war, why have you voted for every funding bill that the President has asked for? Why did you vote �not present� on 140 votes in the Illinois legislature? Besides being against the war before you were for the war, what exactly have you done? Show me your good judgment because after this last week, I am beginning to doubt that judgment.

Senator Clinton � I am so very disappointed in you. Send President Clinton on a vacation until the convention. He is not doing you any good in the role he has been given. And how could you throw Ms. Ferraro under the bus? Stand up to the people who are managing your campaign and stand up for yourself. Jeri Ferrero paved the way for you and other women just so that you could have the right to be running for the position that you are and you turn your back on her?

Oh, by the way, please make sure you clarify what you have done in your career because I am tired of having to go thru your career for my family and friends. If you want their vote, you tell them what you have done because I believe you have changed our country in many ways but it is not up to me to tell others � that is your job. I have enough problems just keeping my head above water economically right now.

Also, I have the solution for who should be our party nominee. It is not the popular vote or how many states you have won � it is the Electoral College votes that counts. Add the Electoral College votes for every state that each of you have won and use that number.

Most of all I can�t believe that this simple answer has to come from me � who is not getting a paycheck from either of your campaigns.

Good night and good luck!

Submitted by:

Mary Ann Boulette

Mary Ann Boulette maboulet@swbell.net http://maboulette.blogtoolkit.com/ Cute, witty and charming Writer, poet, photographer and old Lady!


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